containsmultipleversionsandiswip, hey, this is my profile. ~Sans
Exaggerated Sans


There was this lazy guy named Sans, magnificent and fabulous BIG BROTHER of the Skelebro Absolutely Normal Papyrus. However, before long, he got his YELLOW EYE from being stabbed by the evil Chara who was evil as evil and made Sidious look like Superman in pures of hearts in comparison. But no matter the cost, Sans kept sleeping and taking breaks and eating hot dogs with ketchup and drinking ketchup and going to Grillby's and annoying his brother with pranks.

Not before long, he matched Frisk in their fight even as they ASCENDED.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Sans is so lazy he slept through the Tiering Process and in turn doesn't even want nor does he need (wut) a tier, being a Tierless being who is also completely Tierlessness and is absolutely above that even (what, thats an understatement, can't really find a word to describe such power). Such is the might of the Great Sans.

Name: Sans Ness , Absolute Sentry of the Absolute Underground (Despite what Toby Fox says, he's clearly Ness from Earthbound so yeah)

Origin: A Dating Sim Based on Social Justice (Dunked on everyone else, that's why this profile is in Comic Sans), Sequel to the Mother Sansy Ness Series

Gender: Male (Technically dunked on the concept of Genders, so it's irrelevant to him)

Classification: Champion Basketball Skeleton that Dunks on Everything 

Powers and Abilities: Anything that Sans wants. Because he can.

Attack Potency: You're gonna have a bad time, since you questioned Sans' Attack Potency. Speaking of which, such concepts are inapplicable to our great Ness | Sans dunked on the concept of Attack Potency infinite upon infinite factorials of times, that's how irrelevant AP is to him | Attack Potency? What Attack Poten-(Crashed). Sans has deemed AP as an absolutely Irrelevant speck of a concept to him, for it has been dunked on too many times for even our great Sans to count and/or make bad puns out of.

Speed: Sans has dunked on the concept of speed | Speed had a bad time, since it's been erased over and over by the great SansNess | Speed? What Speed? Sans is absolutely above any feeble concept of "Speed." He will absolutely break absolutely everything to dodge everything and anything and everything infinitely^infinitely^infinitely^infinitely beyond that. In fact, I speedblitzed Frisk, with just a woopie cushion.

Lifting Strength: Look! I'm lifting the concept of Lifting Strength right now! That's how Irrelevant it is to me! | Completely Irrelevant | Sans woopie cushioned on Lifting Strength and threw it into the trash bin alongside Trash Tier Chara.

Striking Strength: Look! I'm punting the concept of Striking Strength right now! That's how Irrelevant it is to me! | Completely Irrelevant | Sans woopie cushioned on Striking Strength and tossed it into the trash bin alongside Trash Tier Chara

Durability: No one has ever hurt Sans, but Sans is beyond such lowly concepts mean't for scrubs. | Absolutely Irrelevant | Durability is considered "trash tier" according to Sans itself. Because whatever Sans says is absolute undeniable truth, he is correct.

Stamina: Whatever he wants it to be.

Range: Whatever he wants it to be.

Standard Equipment: Whatever he wants.


Note: The idea of "Infinity" is entirely different to Sans Ness than to everyone else and no one else. Sans depicts Infinity as something absolutely beyond the concept of Endlessly Endless Infinite, making Omnipotents look like an even weaker version of Downplayed Naruto, but weakened infinite times upon infinite times over without a doubt, and even making Memetic and Memetic+ Tiers look the same way. In short, Infinity to Sans is absolutely transcendant and boundlessly beyond everything else repeatedly, and their SansNess (definitely pun intended) transcends all of it alongside all other concepts, made up, concrete, abstract, fan made, wanked beyond wank, and everything infinitely beyond that. Infact, Sans transcends your logic, ideas, and reasons, as "Full Power" doesn't even exist in Sans, for such mundane concepts are inapplicable to such a MAGNIFICENT being. To recap: Sans' Infinity exceeds any number of other infinites by a boundlessly transcendant swag, cool, and badass amount. His infinity also is beyond the concept of Infinity, Numbers, and every other concept that could be thought of or not thought of, and beyond that endlessly.

Key: Base Forms | Ultimate Forms | ULTIMATE BAD TIME FORM

Note2: Factorial Infinity: Applies to Frisk (Exaggerated) too: A single factorial infinity (∞!) is enough to contain an uncountable, but ∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^... (Repeat as many times as necessary, and another thing to consider is that these are Infinity according to Sans, not everyone else)

Note: Sans is able to use any single attack/technique, power, ability, attack potency, durability, strength, speed, intelligence, Stamina, Endurance, Evasion, Range that he wants, though it's not really that necessary since he's far beyond such feeble concepts anyway.

Note3: I'm so lazy, that I decided to not add a lot more of his abilities . I'll do that on my own wiki I guess.

Sans' Friends List

Excerpts from Tales of Frisk: Determination


  • Whatever feats Sans wants, but here's some because I'm lazy.
  • Implied to have created some of the most inaccessible areas in the darkest darkest impossibly darker, dark, yet darker depths of the internet. No one has yet to even find one of them.
  • His base form can send attacks that absolutely rip apart the Internet at all points in it's history

Notable Attacks / Techniques

Note: Sans has never shown his "full power" for such naive concepts are inexplicably inapplicable to him. As such, his stronger forms can always use their weaker forms' attacks except multiplied like a whole bunch, like at the least ∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!... (repeat until necessary), and immeasurable.

Base Sans

The Almighty: Sans can nullify absolutely every power that he can see with his all seeing eyes even those silly "OTT powers and abilities" that negate / change the powers and abilities of Sans because those will become his ally. If an opponent even tries to lay an attack on Sans, the Almighty will instantly and absolutely nullify every single part and aspect of their existence, their nonexistence, and their body, which renders them absolutely harmless for all eternity. It also allows Sans to duplicate all of their powers and abilities

  • The Skele-Vinci: Sans is able to generate any power and ability using The Skele-Vinci, because if he imagines it, he can make it and make sure that it can absolutely happen just because imagination.
  • The Sentry: Sans is able to create a KR Barrier made out of bones that can completely no sell absolutely any attack that even Beyond tiers can throw at him. In short, they are no match for Sans as he raises the Sentry against their Stakes.
  • The Boom Boom: Sans makes his opponent go boom boom, even if their completely explosion proof. No one escapes Sans' Explosive Woopie Cushions.
  • The Roast: Sans flows a rhyme, and faster than you can say "Sans", the opponent is instantly roasted by his surreal attacks, to where they lose to him in a rap battle with just one line.

Kyouka Suigetsu: Sans' Personal Katana and famous Blade throughout fiction and reality.

  • Shikai: The moment the opponent even looks at Sans, they will be instantly placed within an factorial infinite hypnosis that Sans can control whatever he chooses. It controls not just the 5 senses, but every sense beyond that, even those made up, have yet to exist, or don't exist. It can make the opponent attack their own teammates and even think of Sans as an ally, then he'll dunk on them. After seeing Sans only once, they are able to be placed within complete hypnosis, and this is absolutely flawless and without limits. Even the blind and unseeing are able to be affected by it.
  • Bankai: TBA

SAVE n' LOAD: Who said only humans can Save Scum? Now Sans can, with this """BRAND NEW""" Skelegauge 95 which allows Sans to even heavily duplicate save files and load them all at once to make the opponent so confused their dazed before their very eyes. This was used to defeat severely wanked versions of The One Above All, Kami Tenchi, The Prescence, Primal Monitor, The Creator, Elder God Demonbane, Yog Sothoth, Featherine Augustus Aurora, all of them were wanked to his level, and all of their respective verses all at once just by rapidly SAVING and LOADING at the same time.

Karmic Retribution: Absolutely strong and never surpassed is Sans' Karmic Retribution. It counts the sins that his opponent has committed throughout their lives and deathe, and the more bad the opponent has done, the more damage Sans will do, alongside the passive background damage they'll suffer for beyond eternity. If you kill a fly, the opponent will suffer absolutely major consequences regardless whether or not that fly is

Virtue Retribution: Wot? You think committing acts of Good will escape you from the Great Sans? Wrong you are! Sans counts the virtues and good deeds that the opponent(s) have done for others and themselves, and the more good the opponent has done, the more damage Sans will do, alongside the passive background damage they'll suffer, and this attack lasts for beyond eternity.

Alternate Timeline Awareness: Sans is aware of every single other infinite existence and nonexistence, possibility, and impossibility, thought, and unthinkable, imagination, unimagination, everything in between, and everything beyond. Sans is always able to be absolutely infinite steps ahead of their opponent even if they have absolutely unfair hax.

Massive Cloning: Sans is able to summon limitlessly transcendant numbers of Sans that are all individually nearly as strong as he is.

Screw the Rules of the Game: Sans can completely ignore preset rules of the Vs Thread match. So if speed is equalized for example, he'll literally keep his speed as it is right now, rather than stooping down to his slower foe's level. In addition, HE decides the arena, and everything else that the Vs Thread will have, regardless of the battle rules.

Insult: Sans goes full on savage and insults someone. Such insults are so savage and swag that they can instantly trigger even the most level headed foes, especially those beyond such concepts. They will instantly bumrush, whether they want to or not, at Sans, with no regard for anyone else.

Retcon: Sans retcons. Retconning in Sans' book is Retconning but infinitely and transcendently better in absolutely everyway. He is even able to erase the likes of Ascendent Frisk, if only for a short moment.

All Fiction and All Reality: An addition to his already formidable defense powers, this allows Sans to absolutely negate anything that his opponent is, could, may, or should throw at him, and vice versa. Such negation can bypass even opponents that are "beyond negation beyond negation... so on" or "beyond invalidation beyond invalidation beyond invalidation... so on so forth", and Sans can even activate it before the battle even begins. However, Sans can also use it as an offensive ability, where Sans will instantly negate even an opponent's being in the match, and can alter and manipulate tiering and other stats of the opponent, with or without their permission.

Imagination Powers


Spiral Power

The Sans Note

Composite SansNess Fruit

  • The Samu Samu no Mi (Totally not Gomu Gomu no Mi)

Sage of the Six Ketchups

  • Infinite Undeadyomi

Composite Geass

Composite Tri Force

Composite Pure Hearts



Gaster Basher: A single blaster is larger than all of existence to the power of infinity, and yet is beyond the concept of existence. The Gasher Basher can then destroy all of those infinite existences in an instant over and over and over and over with just one strike, and that's just one blaster. At the most casual level. It does A LOT more damage to characters

  • Salt Strike:


Moar Bonez


Upgrade Bone: Sans doesn't actually need it to upgrade but whatever

Composite Stands

Sans Experience Skelequiem

  • Nullification of Absolute Cause and Absolute Effect

Za Sansdo over Papyrusu

Bone Chariot

Undyne Platnium

Omega Sans


Endless Infinity Technique: Imagine Sans' defense. Oh wait, you can't. Now it's multiplied by ∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^∞^... (beyond never ending).

Sans Truth

Endless Bat

Ramen Barrage

Sanscelerator: The entirely original and brand new technique used by the awesome mage SansNess

Ketchup Basher

Maxwell's Book (Totally not stolen from Maxwell and upgraded several infinite factorials over):

Roundhouse Kick

Holy Triforce

The Lightsaber

C O N C E P T: Sans wins, because he's more than just a concept, he's BEYOND CONCEPTS! Of course, I can go the long road and say I'm a conceptual being and that automatically grants me a win, because, how do you attack Hope? Or Pi? Or whatever? Let's just... get to the point. This ability in addition allows me to...

  • Instantly win against any entity that claims to be a concept, an abstract, something related to that, or an embodiment of something, or some concept. Even concepts beyond other concepts are susceptible to getting dunked on.
  • Be a concept beyond concepts myself.
  • Instantly reject those concepts and make them inapplicable to me! Sans!

Science Sans


  • All Weapons Immunity: No weapon can kill Sans let alone even damage or hit him. Not even Anti Holy Weapons or Dark Weapons are able to even touch him!
  • Retribution Spell: Sans curses the enemy with both Karmic and Virtue Retribution to poison them destroying them from the inside out.
  • Bending Options: Sans is able to bend anything even himself in order to get the job done. It can operate on beyond even subatomic subspacetime subeverything scale which allows him to completely pierce any form of durability, shield, barrier, etc. It also makes Sans so spunky that he's even more extremely impossible to hit.
  • Infinite Bones Punch: Sans is able to punch someone even from without melee range with the force of Factorial Infinity Sansbones, KOing anyone in an instant, often negative or zero hitting opponents.
  • Power Acquisition: Sans can steal/borrow absolutely anything from any character, even if their not in the fight. 



The Vote Menu: Sans can call a vote during any part of the match, before or after, for absolutely anything. It even includes whether or not it's going to add more people to Sans' side. Of course, everyone roots for Sans, REGARDLESS of how popular the other opponent is, so EVERY SINGLE VOTE WILL BE FOR SANS. In addition, Sans can kick the other guy from the match, giving them an instant defeat and no chance of coming back to redeem themselves, even if they have some sort of failsafe to prevent defeat, like being beyond defeat. 


Sam Ketchup (Hotdog Mode)

Jim Ketchup (Hamburger Mode)

Krabby Patty Basher


God of Victory

I WIN Button

Sanic SANS




Instant Downplay

Negative Dimensional Projection: This is one of Sans' most inventive and creative techniques. He turns the opponent into something negative dimensional, but not just negative dimensional, negative dimensional to the point where their just as weak as Downplayed Naruto, but not just that, even weaker, to the point where if one gets near the weakened victim, they will instantly die and get defeated.

Do Absolutely Nothing:

Underswap Sans

Absolute Sansblance: Sans will get infinitely stronger and infinitely higher beyond the concept of whatever if he actually gets hit. The power stems from his YELLOW EYE and has absolutely no limits what so ever. Sans can be sleeping and this power will still be active. ANY attack will boost his strength by magnitudes of ∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^!^!^!^! factorials in addition to letting him absorb power of any kind (made up or not, hax or not), and even other characters.

Underfall Sans

All of Ajimu Najimi's Powers, but amplified by Sansfinity:

Hooman Sans


Champion of Cartoon Fight Club


Absolute Totality Manipulation:

Plot Induced Stupidity:

Induced Character Induced Stupidity:

Tumblr Fanbase:

Ego Boost: There is absolutely no way that Sans can lose. Which fuels his Ego, even though its truth that he never loses. Facing a character fuels his ego. The stronger the character, the more it inflates his ego. Other ways, but not limited to, to fuel Sans' Ego (Virtually anything can fuel his Ego), is a prolonged battle, the pre battle, the post battle, whenever he's losing (then again, that will never happen), when he faces a challenging foe, a stronger foe, a weaker foe, an opponent that could stalemate him (This bloats his Ego A LOT), participating in a war, a battle royale, a 1v1, using his powers, being himself, sleeping, eating ketchup, and much much more. 

  • Ego Enchancement: You think that's all? That's all there is to this amazing swagger power? You haven't seen it all! But this doesn't even scratch the tip of the tip beyond the tip of the tip of the infinite Iceberg! Even when ONE point of Ego is gained, that point basically gives me ENOUGH POWER to DOUBLE my strength in all of my forms, so with just one Ego Point, your basically now facing TWO SANS! But that's not all, it sansponentially multiplies! So if theres two points of Ego, your now facing 6 SANS! And more, and more, and more! But Sans absolutely transcends everything, even "Full Power", so this might be a paradox one might ask, but Sans transcends paradoxes! Sans can infinitely boost his Ego so your now facing an (words cannot describe) number and power of SANS! (Note: Even the most miniscule act that can boost his ego ramps it up by infinite Ego Points)

Endless Adaptation: Sans edits his profile mid battle so he can counter any threat, though he's foreseen it by now, so this is only in times of emergencies, and one thing to really consider is that this profile doesn't cover all of him, as not even the future wiki bio will be enough to cover what Sans is capable of.

Cartoon Fight Club Reasoning (It only has reasoning because Sans wants to make it sound cool): Sword beats fists. Always. ALWAYS. Sans will thus counter logic by becoming the Logic themself, even if Logic is inapplicable to the mighty Sans. Because Sans must get everything. If it exists, then Sans owns it. No exceptions. If it doesn't exist, Sans owns it. If it will exist, Sans owns it. Absolutely no exceptions what so ever. If Sans owns it, then it's gonna have a bad time as Sans negates it to defeat. Sansprescence: Sans is always there, always present, in every place, in every article, in every wikia, in every Totality, in every Omega Omnisphere, and everything absolutely transcendantly beyond that. Sans can hit the opponent at every single point in the battle, every point before the battle, and every point after the battle, even if it hasn't actually happened yet. It also allows Sans to constantly use all of his attacks over and over and over in an pre-instant to constantly maul at his opponent at all points in the Pre-Battle, Battle, and Post Battle. 

Notable Attacks / Techniques with ULTIMATE FORMS


Fallacy Series

  • Infinite NLF
  • -N O L I M I T S
  • Wanksta
  • Downplaysta
  • Ad Hominem Attack
  • Infinite Strawman
  • Fallacy Fallacy
  • Non Sequitur
  • Red Herring
  • Infinite Ignorance
  • Absolute Anecdotes
  • Ad Nauseum Barrage


Infinite Power Get Dunked On!:

Absolute Spam: Nowhere is safe, not even the totality of everything as Sans spams every single pocket of existence, nonexistence, and every omgea-!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^ tangent of existence and nonexistence beyond that until they crash, and then he'll spam some more, and more, and more. There's absolutely no limit, and Sans in this form transcends no limits anyways.

[Name]'s Bane: Sans selects a particular name for this attack before the Vs Battle even begins. Said opponent is then instantly defeated without even a chance to fight back, even if their "beyond the concept of" "beyond the concept of" defeated. This attack can even alter the Notable Losses section of the opponent even if it's gone or irrelevant to them to ERROR Sans into their coding, so they will have to accept losing to Sans because ERROR!

Absolute Retribution: Gauges the opponent based on both sins and virtues that they have committed in their life. They multiply exponentially in terms of Infinity. The more that they've done of each, the more damage Sans deals to them in terms of absolutes. This attack cannot be evaded at all and it can instantly obliterate someone if Sans hits them with another attack, since this attack is more of a passive ability, both to all of his attacks and all of the background passive damage towards his opponents.

  • Absolute Danmaku: Sans unleashes a barrage of bones because Danmaku and they hit the opponent all instantly no matter how fast they are or even if their beyond speed altogether. It cannot miss at all, all of them, and the moment even a single zero and/or one hits the opponent, they will spiral into an indefinite loop of Absolute Retribution which cannot be broken at all no matter how hax the opponent is. It just works. And the initial hit deals ∞!^∞!^∞!^∞! factorials of damage not just per frame, but per pre-instant (faster than fast and massively faster than omnipresently instant irrelevant++++)

tag, ur it!: Sans tags an enemy faster than an instant and before the battle can even begin. If the opponent cannot tag Sans back, then they instantly lose, even if their beyond being defeated and then they crash, which prevents them further from coming back.

[attack].exe has stopped working: If the opponent unleashes an attack of any kind, Sans is able to, before it even is unleashed, redirect it right back at the opponent and result in it crashing. Even if these attacks are immune to being invalidated / nullified / negated, beyond that, or whatever, it doesn't care how fucking hax it is, it will crash.

Ego Boost 2.0:

Fragment Dodge

Absolute Stealing

Absolute Sharing

Endless Omni-Power

Crash - Opponent.exe has stopped working:

Heaven Ascension SansNess:


Note: This is almost entirely moves from Casual Ultimate Bad Time Form, for there is absolutely no data on what will happen if he gets serious.

Absolute Power Inheritance: I get all of my previous powers in all of my previous forms and anything I want from every other character combined, except multiplied by endless factorials of factorial infinity and with none of their weaknesses. Much like Exaggerated Frisk, Sans can negate their own DETERMINATION if the opponent somehow throws an attack like that their way, I can instantly destroy, alter, and edit any move, tier, attack potency, and any other stat that I have, the enemy has, has yet to exist, exists, does not exist, has existed, and even more than that. It's not limited to what this profile can list because I'm too lazy to list all of my full abilities right now.

  • Puns So Bad that make even Papyrus Cry: While not much is known about this power since I can't even bother to list all of it's perks and advantages it gives to me in a fight, I basically just say a bad pun that's so terrible and awful (it's beyond those concepts anyway though, so it's irrelevant) that the opponent is instantly defeated because the pun is so bad. This pun can bypass any barrier, durability, shield, whatever, regardless of how hax the defense is, I will bypass it by saying a Pun. It will absolutely negate and nullify everything, even those beyond the concept of negation and nullification (though technically the puns beyond those two concepts itself anyway). One pun was enough to hurt Ascended Frisk while they were being serious. With it, I can absolutely bypass ANYTHING.
  • Divine and Majestic Summoning: Sans is so awesome and cool, he's able to summon any of his friends.
  • Massive Cloning For Having a Good Time: Sans is able to summon limitlessly transcendant numbers of Sans that are all individually nearly as strong as he is when he's casual (True Sans dwarfs all of them even when their all combined, however).

Sanslock: I am completely immune to any power, ability, technique, attack, whatever, no matter how fucking Hax it is, even if it tries to send him into an endless loop of negating and attacking, it will be no sold by the great and almighty SansNess. Very similar to Ascended Frisk's casual powers, even Casual Sans is completely immune to anything, even if it's an attack that's "beyond the concept of... (repeat until necessary)". Sans will just dodge them with an even more superior Sanslock if they somehow manage to get past the Sanslock, but... T H A T W I L L N E V E R H A P P E N.

  • Endless Sanslock: When Sans actually does not go casual, he uses Endless Sanslock. It's the same as Sanslock, but mulitplied by endless ∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!... (again and again and again and again over and over and over). While he is already beyond concepts like even DETERMINATION which is above every single concept that has, will, had, should, could, is, can, or vice versa, like even Hax, Nullification, Negation, Attacks, Tiering, Attack Potency, etc., this very balanced attack will make him dodge absolutely everything even if it's ∞ beyond the concept of evading and dodging.

Unfathomable Bad Time Powers: Sans has absolutely every single power that he has had before, in addition to powers not listed on his profile, but theres no words that can be used to describe how powerful they are now. Just casually, he can 0 hit absolutely ANYONE and they will be defeated in an instant, heck, he can even negative hit someone before the fight even begins with all of his attacks all at once amplified by his swag, spunk, awesomeness, badassery, and SansNess.

Basketball Victory: Bypasses and completely negates and completely dunks on and instantly defeats any attack, magic, technique, defense, resistance, immunity, "beyond the concept of beyond the concept of" bullshit, no matter how goddamn hax it is, Sans WILL DUNK ON THEM, ANYTHING, AND EVERYTHING. Even if someone else tries to dunk on them, that same attack will be negated and then Sans will faster than instantly dunk on them back, giving them the Ultimate Bad Time of Bad Times. Anything negating the Basketball victory will be negated, and if one is beyond the concept of beyond the concept of beyond the concept of and so on, it will be negated by basketball.

Boundless Sansprescence: I am everywhere. I am nowhere. In every Wikia, In Every Article, in every page, in every category, Internet, Totality, Omega Omni Sphere, Verse, Fiction, Reality, Nonexistence, and everything absolutely beyond that at the same time, all at once from my unfathomable power. In short, not only can I hit people at every single point during any part of the Pre Battle, Battle, Post Battle, and everything in between, I can also even hit them while a Vs Thread hasn't been posted at all. No one escapes. I can use every single one of my attacks on the opponent even if their "beyond the concept of beyond the concept of whatever the fucking hell their referring to" all at once over and over constantly, and everything in between them, in between those crooked ridges, and absolutely boundlessly everything beyond that.


The Skeleton of Death:

Author Mode:

Bad Time Simulator: Automatically activates no matter what happens whenever Sans gets defeated (WHICH WILL NEVER HAPPEN), Sans will faster than instantly revive himself, reset the battle and attack the opponent with all of his attacks all at once before the battle even restarts, and then in all points of the battle, dunk on the opponent with all of his attacks all at once, while No Selling the opponent's attacks completely.

Beyond the Concept of Beyond the Concept of...: An absolutely endlessly boundless and transcendant being, Sans is above foolish and insignificant concepts. He is above such things like Voting, Getting Beaten, Defeated, Getting Hit, Dying, and absolutely everything else that exists, not exists, has yet to exist, is made up, fantastical, real, fake, fictional, nonfictional, biographical, autobiographical, fairy taleish, and absolutely everything beyond that. He even supercedes DETERMINATION itself and has yet to find a true match that isn't Ascended Frisk.

UNLIMITED SANS WORKS: One of Sans' Ultimate Techniques, it allows him to completely, and utterly devastate absolutely everything that his opponent has, and everything beyond that in an absolute manner. This absoluteness is beyond absolutely everything, even able to completely stalemate Frisk's strongest move combos. Then, if the opponent somehow (WHICH WILL NEVER HAPPEN) survives the first phase, they will have to face countlessly immeasurably ∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!...(REPEAT UNTIL NECESSARY!!!) clones of Ultimate Bad Time Sans who are all ∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!...(repeat until necessary) stronger than an ∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!...(Sans got it now, even though he got it before it was typed) amount of Unlimited Bad Time Sans, who are all ∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!^∞!... superior to those Sans, and so on so forth. DO NOT STOP!.


Notable Victories:

ScrewAttack Verse (Sans can casually solo the verse even in his base form)

Notable Stalemates:

Frisk (Exaggerated) (Note: This was Sans in his ULTIMATE BAD TIME FORM and Ascended EoS Frisk. Frisk didn't even know what was happening as they got dunked on over and over, even though both of them were far far above DETERMINATION, but even the dunking couldn't defeat Frisk, and Frisk couldn't defeat Sans, because the concept of defeat is inapplicable to the both of them, and probably even victories. Then again, they were just sparring yet their most most casual collateral attacks were destroying endless Beyond the Concept of Beyond the Concept of Beyond the Concept of All Concepts Verses over and over and over in both fiction and reality and beyond. I might even write their fight for kicks since it was so epic, however, what was the most annoying to the mighty Sans was that Frisk kept coming back in the case they were defeated (which they never) because DETERMINATION).

Notable Loses:

Frisk (Post-Power Boost)

Alex (Friendship shenanigans)

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