Saitama's Message to Everyone

Hello fellow one-punchers !!! Before you read this profile, there's a message I have for you guys : Don't get mad against me just because of some wankers. It's not really my fault now is it ? And if you deeply think about it, no need to harshly mock or insult all the wankers either, it's not their fault if they don't have experience with VS stuff, after all, admit it, you could've said the same things if you had no knowledge about VS debates either. Ignoring them would be best. And why do people care so much more about f*cking debating than enjoying a series these days ? They're missing the true purpose of fiction.

So, forget all that stressful VS crap for a while, and follow my adventures for the TRUE SOLE purpose of my creation : to make people laugh and have a fun time with the One Punch Man series !

Now enjoy this profile as well ! :)

Powers and Stats


Origin: One Punch Man

Name: Saitama

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Classification: Embodiment of awesomness

Powers and Abilities : Catchy opening theme song, even more cool OST, dat cape, his multiple funny faces, knows how to let a fighting animation epic despite him curbstomping the big baddie, great story and plot with great quality, and of course, thanks to him, punching turned into the ultimate art of awesomness ! Immortality (type 8)

Attack Potency: Immeasurable Awesomeness level (Sacrifices his popularity and awesomness so the other heroes can take his credit. Yet he still remains awesome. It's also very fun to see him punch stuff. Who said invincible heroes are boring?)

Speed: The Fastest (As fast as ONE wants him to be)

Lifting Strength: Class IIMBEA+++++++ (IIMBEA stands for immeasurably infinite mind blowing epic awesomness)

Striking Strength: Flashy hype explosions yay !!!

Durability: Anti-Wank level (Even the most outrageous wanks can't even scratch him. Dat durability)


Range: I dunno. Ask the shockwaves he emits from his awesome punches.

Standard Equipment: His shiny head, dat cape, and most importantly, his wank-proof superhero costume. No wank or sh*t can penetrate dat costume. Get it ?

Intelligence: His brain is as shiny as his head. That's what makes him wise.

Weaknesses: Hahaha, you gotta be kidding right ? Awesomness doesn't have weaknesses.

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