090c - The Krusty Plate (084)


Said spot is named as ia because this was spongebob's reaction to seeing it. It is only able to be taken off the plate after excessive force hence the spot master 6000.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 10-C (Never attacks/is unable to. Chooses to use all strength in defense)

Name: SPOT

Origin: Spongebob

Gender: Its a spot on a plate, most likely a piece of meat, I guess it depends on the gender of the sea cow it came from.

Age: unknown

Classification: Grime, Dirt, Grease, maybe even Spot, Plankton's pet?

Powers and Abilities: Able to withstand large explosions and freaking laser beams. Not even steel wool can stop it.

Attack Potency: Focuses on defense, possibly taking professional lessons from Floyd Mayweather.

Speed: Stationary

Lifting Strength: Raises the bar for other fictional dots.

Striking Strength: This really struck me as shocking. A sponge using a sponge cant get it off.

Durability: Without a doubt town level

Stamina: Can can last through a full episode of newer spongebob. I haven't been able to do that.

Range: 1 cm

Standard Equipment: Unknown

Intelligence: Unknown 

Weaknesses: Spotmaster 6000's Maximum power

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Staying on plate and not budging.

Others Edit

Notable Victories: Krusty kreab

Notable Losses: Spotmaster 6000

Inconclusive Matches

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