SANESS is a more advanced and more awesome version of Sans, and a more rushed version. He can cause extreme ear rape and catch the opponents off guard. Otherwise he is kind of the same. Except he has 0.1 DEF and 99999999999999999999999999999 ATK.

2016 - 1

DO YOU WANNA HAVE A BAD TOM?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!

Powers and Statistics 

Tier: Memetic Tier, "far" higher with Mogolovonio


Origin: Underpants/Sr Pelo's squad

Age: Unknown

Classfication: Bad Tom Creator, Ear Rape Master.

Powers and Ablities: Face Manipulation, Incredible Stamina, Strong Lungs, Anti-Virtue Retribution, Tom Blasters, Ability to one shot people with only one bullet with the bone gun, Incredible Speed, Bone Manipulation,TeleportationTelekinesisGravity Manipulation, Alternate Timeline Awareness, Able to lock his opponent in place so neither of them will be able to do anything (SANESSSS essentially, in gameplay terms, never takes his turn, forcing his opponent to be locked in an unwinnable combat situation. He was prepared to use this so both he and the player would be stuck in place forever, forcing them the reset and go on another route.), Can attack an enemy's SOUL therefore damaging them on all physical and spiritual levels, Danmaku, Omni-Negation, Instant Reactive Evolution, Reality Manipulation/Reality Stop/Reality Delete, STATS/DATA/CODE Godly Immunity, Ability to scream loud enough for people to explode, Conceptual Flip, Instant Inner-Conceptual Regeneration, Absurdly Strong Inner-Concepts {Conceptual Bullshitting, Bullshitting Reality, Shenanigans}, Conceptual Shenanigans, Shenanigans Bullshitting, Bullshitting Bullshitting (Mastery)

Attack Potency: Memetic Tier, Utterly Undefinable By Any Unknown with Mogolovonio

Speed: Utterly Undefinable by Any Unknown 

Lifting Strength: Utterly Undefinable by Any Unknown

Striking Strength: Memetic Tier, Utterly Undefinable by Any Unknown with Mogolovonio 

Durability: Multi-Window Level

Stamina: ????

Range: ????

Standard Equipment: Magic, Mouth

Intelligence: Unknown (Probably low)

Weaknesses: Has very bad durability 

Noteable Attacks/Techniques: Circles Of Bones: SANESSS spams many of them, and no matter how fast the opponent goes, it will adapt to go faster. This is his default attack, and adding Anti-Virtue Retribution to it is optional. It still does damage due to bypassing le STATS/DATA/CODE.

Bone Gun: SANESS shoots a bone at the opponent with a gun, landing into their eye, which immediately gives them Anti-Virtue Retribution. This can also one shot the opponent if the bone hits the midbrain, because then they will spontaneously combust and their STATS/DATA being erased so it only leaves one tiny bit of CODE.

Tom Blaster: Similar to the Gaster Blaster, except it screams when it blasts, it's shaped like a Tom, and it's memeticly^memeticly^memeticly^memeticly times stronger than the Gaster Blaster.

Anti-Virtue Retribution: The more virtues SANESS has done, the more damage he deals to you.

Mogolovonio: SANESS can annoy you if he turns it up all the way, and it buffs him by how strong the opponent is times his normal strength. It's pretty helpful against people who are stronger than him.


Notable Victories: Splat Tim

Notable Losses:

  •  ioB taD (tiH enO nI deiD)

Inconclusive Matches:

  • Bob Ross

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