Hey guys, It's me Ryukama. This may not be a profile page you're used to, but as the founder of this site, I love helping you guys out. You see, I've been a member of the VS Battles Wiki community for a long time, and you'd think that being on the internet all the time would reduce my social skills. Actually no. I've now been able to pick up chicks better than ever! Here are my VS BATTLES WIKI PICK UP LINES. If you got any of your own, feel free to edit it in. Put by (your name) next to so we can all know the stud who came up with it.

My Guaranteed Successful Pickup Lines

  • Baby, we got an EVERLASTING love
  • I'd CROSS the VERSE for you
  • pay-per-view exclusive: a BATTLEMANIA in the bedroom, extreme rules
  • Whenever I see your face, I get HYPER and it's like a WEEKLY BATTLE when we can't be with each other.
  • I'M NOT A MARIO FAN but you're my princess Peach. (by Squid Peanut)
  • If I where to get someone like you, I'd be a MASTER OF LUCK
  • Are you Bread? Because I would love to put my salsa on you. (By BreadAndSalsa)
  • I'm not sure if you're a FAN OF RPG's but I'd love to role-play with ya.
  • I aint no player. I'm not like one of those CLASSIC GAME GUYS. You're the only one for me...
  • I'd EXTERMINATE your PANCAKE if you know what I mean...
  • Hush girl... DON'T TALK cause even an ABYSSAL IDIOT or SOMEONE STUPID can see we're meant to be.
  • Gurl... don't leave with me with BLUE balls. (By SomebodyStupid)
  • Girl, I know I am not your man, but can I be your bread man? (By IAmTheBreadMan32)
  • I see that you must be a LUIGI FAN, cause you like the bigger things in life. (By SomebodyStupid)
  • Don't worry bae, DOCTOR DONG is in the house!!! (By SomebodyStupid)
  • Let me show you my TITURINOS (By SomebodyStupid)
  • I've got my ALL SEEING EYE on you.
  • You're  the REALIST example of beauty( or booty( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
  • Just like Promestein, I'm a seeker of the truth. So tell me yo name girl.
  • I may seem like a Barbarian but I assure you baby Steven's a nice guy on the inside.
  • I want AIZEN the back of my head so I can see you all the time. (by squid peanut)
  • not seeing you and being grounded has left me a HOMESTUCK LOVER. (by a squid and a peanut)
  • being with you is so great, I dread SHEing you OTH (the lightbulb and string guy)
  • My love for you is like a Truck. BESERKERRRR BESERRKERRRR, do you want to making f*** BERSERKERR BESERRKERR, (source) (I repeat, I am not the genius who came up with this, but i felt this was worth mentioning here!)- TLT1
  • I am now seeing Red because i see you like a rose (by TISSG7Redgrave)
  • I have been in love with you since 1217 B.C Baby (by TISSG7Redgrave)
  • They may call me THE GOOD PIRATE but I've been naughty...
  • I might be STUPID, but I want to be your SOMEBODY (By TheBlueDash)
  • I'm EVER LASTING in bed (By TheBlueDash)
  • Life always makes me BLUE, but you make me happy in a DASH (By TheBlueDash)
  • "I almost like you as much as I like myself (But I like myself more)" - LordAizenSama (TheBlueDash translated this godly pick up line to human language)
  • Gurl my love for you is PERPETUAL.
  • Baby, I'm a LOVER, so give me some of that OISHI ass. (SomebodyStupid Hint: Oishi means delicious) (by SomebodyStupid)
  • My love for you is as deep as the ocean.
  • i've got TRIPLE X rated pornos if you want to watch all 6 of them with me.
  • Without you i am NO ONE IN this WORLD baby. (by Nooneintheworld)
  • There is NO ONE IN THE WORLD I care more about than you girl.
  • NO ONE IN THE WORLD can compare to you.
  • Without you my heart would be like the Joke Battles Chat, empty all the time.
  • You know what they say about an AUSTRIAN, they have a big MAN MEAT
  • I am not a FOODIE person,but I love to eat with you girl. (by foodiefight)
  • I'll be the first to EXPLODE in you. (5555thExplosionMage)
  • M'AGE is close to yours. Lez get it on. (5555thExplosionMage)
  • I may be not strong like RYU in street fighter,but I willing to protect you with all my life.(by Foodiefight)
  • Even SOMEBODY random would know about dat ass DATA (MaxwelFISH, to SomebodyData)
  • Even if my odds are ZERO to 772 I will still love you girl. (by TISSG7Redgrave)
  • I will send everyone to Yomi if they try to hurt you (by TISSG7Redgrave)
  • I'm A Lovely Real Friend (ALRF) for you girl ;)(by TISSG7Redgrave)

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