The biggest draft bust in NFL history.


Ah Ryan Leaf. Drafted at #2 in the 1998 NFL Draft. Peyton Manning was drafted at #1. One quarterback is a record setter and bonafide first ballot HOFer. The other....well....A TOTAL BUST. Oh yeah. He's also a bit of a criminal.

Powers and Stats

Tier:💩 Tier (His infamy as the biggest draft bust in NFL history warrants this)

Name: Ryan David Leaf

Origin: NFL

Gender: Male

Age: 41 (Born May 15, 1976)

Classification: Human/Football Player/Draft Bust

Powers and Abilities: Bad Temper, Horrible Suckage, Team Regret, Infamy

Attack Potency: Draft Bust Level

Speed: Not even worthy of Chargers speed

Lifting Strength: Does anyone really care? His throwing arm was overrated

Striking Strength: Probably Class H

Durability: Glass QB Level (A good hit from any semi decent player/character should be able to injure him)

Stamina: Likely Low-Mid (He had to have been in some shape but his playing was piss poor)

Range: Threw a 60+ yard pass once. Good for him.

Standard Equipment: Football, Football Equipment

Intelligence: Moderate (Is a college graduate and has some good real life resumes, but has made some bad choices)

Weaknesses: Arrogant, Injury Prone, Piss Poor Playing



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