Rowlet destroying it's own trainer.


(Drumroll and bad powerpuff girls reference incoming) Some pokemon made in gamefreak co. The ingredients for the pokemon were: A owl, A bird. But suddenly a special ingredient fell into the ingredients. OPness. That's it

Powers and Stats

Tier: Fourth Wall Level/3-A+ (Destroyed it's own trainer and the player at the same time) I Ocean Tier

Name: Some Pokemon Who We Don't Know The Name Of, Rawlet according to my bad pronunciation natch.

Origin: Pokemon Sun and Moon

Gender: Likely Unknown.

Age: 0 human years (Was made today by gamefreak) I 11 Pokemon Years

Classification: Whatever species this is. Probably a armadillo

Powers and Abilities: Grass Manipulation, Fourth Wall Manipulation, Game Mechanic Manipulation (Via destroying it's own trainer by bypassing game mechanics),

Attack Potency: Fourth Wall Level+

Speed: By it's small size, It can blitz ANYTHING bigger then it that isn't omnipresent (Immeasurable)

Lifting Strength: Can only lift 4-tons

Striking Strength: Better then this stupid stupid dumb idiot pokemon called "Litten"

Durability: Tanked many hits from planet level and star level pokemon, No wonder it's 4-A

Stamina: Another stupid concept?


Standard Equipment: No Wings

Intelligence: Smarter then the average level 5 starter pokemon

Weaknesses: Fire

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Not sure about that

Type: Probably grass/flying. Who cares it's gamefreak

Key: Base Rowlet I Meme Rowlet


Notable Victories:

Anyone who dares try to train it (except for the creator of this page he's worthy for giving rowlet such power)

Pokemon that are below high universe level

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

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