Powers And Abilities

Tier: 3-C, 2-C | Same | Totally Not Hate


Name: Otaku. FTL guy, Flaksh

Origin:Vs Battle Wikia

Gender: Fast

Age: Likely 5

Classification: Sanic Fast Team Member, Flash (Otaku Edition)

Powers and Abilities: Sanic skills, (Wally West) Flash Hax, Repeating "I'm FTL"

Attack Potency: Galaxy Level, Multi-Universal (When creating a verse page) | Same | At least Multi-Suggsversal+ (Via Beyond Infinite Mass Fingering)

Speed: FTL | Faster than Omnipresence, ∞ +, and Memes. | Massively Faster than Omnipresence+ (Raced SA Superman, went so fast that the kinetic energy broke infinity and SA Superman's ass (srsly))

Lifting Strength: Likely Low Human Level (He also finishes masturabating fast) | Class GOTTA GO FAST

Striking StrengthHarder than Light | Class GOTTA GO FAST

Durability: Internet (Runs through memes constantly) | Same | At least Multi-Suggsversal+ (Withstood SA Superman's wank (Interpret that as you will, both happened)

Stamina: Runs... alot, however for everything else he has very low stamina (He goes | Long enough to be the first to kill SA Superman

Range: So Fast he doesn't need range

Standard Equipment: Flash Underwear

Intelligence: Pretty much only says "I'm FTL" and "_________ or riot"

Weaknesses: Going Slower than Light

Notable Techniques:

-Infinite Mass Fingering: Powerful enough to make SA Superman into a smoothie, sexual enough to make a universe shake in the night ;)

-Otaku Thrust: No explanation needed

-Sanic Screw Attack: After training with the Sanic Team, Otaku has master the art of screwing fans over.

-Infinite Times Infinte MODE: SA Supes is infinte... but Otaku is infinitely faster than infinity in this mode

Key: Member | Sanic Team | RouninOtaku, The Last VS Debater


Notable Victories:


-Speed Force Combined Flash

-Order and Peace

-SA Superman

Notable Losses:



-A complete Sentence

-Time Travel (Lost his godly powers thanks to time travel)

-MadaraUchiha18 (Was blitzed to oblivion)


THE FLASH Theme - -Styzmask Remix-03:47

THE FLASH Theme - -Styzmask Remix-

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