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Once upon of time there was the mascot of Mcdonald, a clown that surprised the internet, Senator Armstrong and went in Mugen to fight all the opponents on his way especially Sanders his rival, however when that ugly happy meal was created he became a crazy killer and disappeared in the dark nothingness.

Powers and Stats 

Tier: At least 4-A, likely 0 | -2 | Creepy Memetic, Likely Higher

Piss Off!!

Name: DonaldMcDonaldMcDonald

Killer Donald's stance animation

Origin: A random Fast-Food


Gender: Male

Age: Unknown+Unknown=Unknown

Classification: Clown, Iconic Dead icon, Edit character, Sanders nemesis, Crazy Killer, Hellmaker, Mcdonald's Mascot (Formerly, He was replaced with that Ugly happy meal)

Powers and Abilities: As a DIO edit he obviously possess all his abilities, plus his badass crazyroller, Can throw like 50 Hamburgers | Same, plus Reality Warping and Regeneration (Type Infinite) | Complete Arsenal, Can cast Hell itself

Attack Potency: At least Multi-Solar System Level, likely Dan Dan Duu Infinity | Golden Gilgyas Infinity (Stronger than Rare Akuma) | Im loving it Infinity

Speed: Omnipresent | OmniGoldenJumpscare | Die MemeticSpeed666

Lifting Strength: McDonalds WryyBliss LiftUncalcolable Strenght+++ | Void Memetic

Striking Strength: Air Fat Hambuga StrenghtStrike a Force to Gold/Dark everything | Dark Memetic, Likely Higher

Durability: Hyper Clown Level | Crazy Regeneration Level-Infinite | Hell Memetic, Unknown with Burgers

Stamina: Anormal | Above limitless | Infinite Memetic, Unknown With Burgers

Standard Equipment: Unlimited Mcdonald foods, Hamburgers and the gates of hell

Intelligence: Omniscient happy meal

Weaknesses: Burger King

Key: Base | Golden Donald/Dark Donald | Nightmare Donald


Notable Victories: All verses

Notable Losses: Stupid laughing Happy meal (How he replaced him?)

Inconclusive Matches: Colonel Sanders