The truth Reigns. And WWE Superstar, former member of The Shield, Roman Reigns is a dangerous one man army, and heavyweight that has proven time and time again, a man will stop at nothing until achieves his goals.

Then The Shield disbanded when Rollins decided to join The Authority in 2014. After that, Roman decided to go solo, and became the only former member of the Shield to wear the uniform. He remains friends with Dean Ambrose.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C | Ocean+ | Botch Tier aka Zack Ryder Tier

Name: Roman Reigns / The Rejected Uso

Origin: WWE/NXT | Vince McMahon's last good attempt of reviving the PG era | Botchmania

Gender: Male

Age: 69 | 29 | 4

Classification: Professional Wrestler, Suspender of Disbelief (Actor), Former American Football Player

Powers and Abilities: Most standard punches, holds, pins and grabs

Attack Potency: At least capable of not botching an entire match | Unstoppable | Botch matches everyday

Speed: Peak Human | Untouchable | Zack Ryder

Lifting Strength: At least two Big Shows, or one André the Giant, and one Rikishi

Striking Strength: Class JR (Jim Ross)

Durability: Indestructible | Beyond the concept of being defeated | Slighty above Zack Ryder

Stamina: Very high, until the crowd needs to further suspend their disbelief

Range: Irrelevant, he will find you, and deliver a Superman Punch hard enough to rattle even the Penetration Chamber's walls, but he can't leave the arena, because he's all noble and such

Standard Equipment: Body armor, gloves, long ass hair, military boots, "Get to the damn point, John".

Intelligence: Standard for a pro wrestler | Ditto | Mindless slave to the WWE hivemind  

Weaknesses: The Shield break-up, his daughter being threatened, Vince McMahon's will

Feats: Here is a timeless, non-biased, and unscripted list of Roman's most brilliant accomplishments. Vince McMahon had nothing to do with the outcome and or altering of these feats. Roman is in no way wanked beyond reason. However its missing the tremendous destruction of his spear and Superman Punches to all who dared to stand against him. Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, and even the class pet, John Cena. He has never botched a move in his career. All examples are doctored footage, until the current era Roman.

Notable Attacks and Techniques: Superman Punch, 'Spear', 'Samoan Drop', whipping his hair back, whatever '"UUHHH-AAHHH" *fist pumps into the arena*' is officially called, Divebombs | Powerbombs (Double Power Bomb, Triple Powerbomb, and the hotly debated Triple-Double/Double-Triple Powerbomb) | No more powerbombs, because Vince is a pussy. Also uses more of his signature and finisher to the point where his regular moves get people more hyped

Key: Pre-Shield Era | Shield Era | Post-Shield Era to Current

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