The best girl in Touhou and the greatest vampire in the history of all existences. <3

Powers and Stats

Tier: -1

Name: Remilia Scarlet

Origin: Touhou Project

Gender: Female

Age: At least 500

Classification: Vampire princess

Powers and Abilities: Fate manipulation, being the best wife imaginable, also being the best vampire imaginable

Attack Potency: Omnivampire+ level, fated to win all fights

Speed: Beyond Omnipresent

Lifting Strength: Strong enough to lift me which isn't saying much since I'm like 10 pounds

Striking Strength: Omniversal Exsanguination+

Durability: The toughest of all wives and vampires

Stamina: Infinite.

Range: Infinite wingspan hugs.

Standard Equipment: All the fate, me, my eternal love and devotion, a Zun hat

Intelligence: The smartest of all vampires, wives, and bat-related characters.

Weaknesses: None; she's the strongest!


Notable Victories:

Arcueid Brunestrud

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