Harvesting a Doucherunner World


Once upon a time, there lived an empire. They were infamously known as The Infamous Foreskins. There was too, another, heroic empire that did nothing wrong: Da Reapers. Together with Quantum, they defeated the Doucherunners and assumed direct control of your attention.

Just The Stats

Tier: Atleast High 3-C, Possibly High 3-B (threatened entire Massive FX galaxy, may star in Massive FX: Andromedia) | Higher than the Forerunners (Mopped the Floor with Them) | Atleast High 0 (The Starchild is possibly Omnipotent) | Plot Level (Marauder Shields is able to save you from the ending) | Memetic Tier+ (Harbinger's "assuming direct control" ability is so strong that it has even controlled Tier 0 beings, so logically, Reapers are far above Tier 0)

Name: The Almighty Reapers of the Anticlimatic Endings

Origin: Spacebattles and Mass Effect / Massive FX

Gender: Definitely a Reaper

Age: Reaper-Age

Classification: The Ones Above the Forerunners, the True Precursors, The True Heroes of Massive FX

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Abilities, ALL OF THEM. Speed, Strength, Dexterity, Agiltiy, Endurance, Stamina, Durability, as well as True Flight, Intangibility, Reality Warping, Probability Manipulation, Causality Manipulation, possible Omnipotence, Omniprescence, and Omniscience, Plot Manipulation, Time Manipulation, can move a gazillion times FTL, Reaper Manipulation, Shepard Manipulation, Emotional Manipulation (See: Marauder Shields), Mind Manipulation, Mind Control (See Assuming Direct Control)

Attack Potency: Multi-Galaxy Level atleast | Higher than all of the Doucherunners Combined | Multi-Omniversal++++ | Plot Level

Speed: Speedblitz Tier (Could Speedblitz the Forerunners) | Massively Faster than Omnipresent+ | Massively Faster than Omnipresent+++ | Whatever the Plot allows him to, to keep you from seeing ME3's Ending 

Lifting Strength: Stronk Enough to make The Didact, aka Lord Voldemort, Jealous | Class Plot

Striking Strength: Universal+ | Stronger than Forerunner + 1 | Beyond Omniversal | Plot Shattering Levels

Durability: High Universal++ | Stronger than a Forerunner | Multiomniverse Level | Plot Armor

Stamina: TRUE INFINITY | Infinity Cubed | Can Outlast the Omniverse+ | Plot

Range: Multiversal+ | Higher than what the Forerunners can do | Megaomniverse Level++++ | 4th Wall Level

Intelligence: Reaperscient

Weaknesses: If you get to ME3's ending, they all die, get placed under your control, or something.

Key: A Single Reaper | The Reapers | Starchild | Marauder Shields | Harbinger

Other Info

Notable Victories

The Almighty Forerunners

The Daleks (Stomp the entire race which was at their peak)

The Imperium of Man (Marauder Shields solos the verse)

The Primordial AKA The fake Precursor



Haloverse (A Single Reaper solos)

The Flood


Commander Shepard



Notable Defeats

Everyone who has seen ME3's ending

Inconclusive Matches

Glorious References

100% Accurate Guide to The Bastards that Started All of This

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