Rarity is one of the Main Six, and is also one of the most powerful people in the majority of Alt.Universe 7. She doesn't like fighting, and suually tries to sort things out using her generous spirit, but will if it ultimately comes down to it. She is also for the most part keeping a darker aspect of her at bay, but it is quite hard to, her Nightmarish self. She is the Goddess of Generousity .

Power and Stats

Rarity (Equestria Girls)

Tier: 3-A l Higher with Transformations

Nickname: Unknown 

Classification: Saiyan,: Saiyan Goddess /  Human Hybrid / Goddess of Generousity 

Age17 ( 9 during the beginning of Season ) 

Origin: DBZ X MLP

Destructive Capacity: Universal Level ( On par with Beerus during EoS. )  l Higher with Transformations

Speed: MFTL+ ( Is on par with Beerus )  l Higher with Transformations

Lifting Strength Unknown l Unknown

Striking Strength: Universal Class ( Her physical striking power is on par with Beerus, legitimately canceled out his strongest physical punch at full power )  l Higher with Transformations. 


Nightmare Rarity...the result of too much obsession over her jewels...increased her power to such a degree that Whis had to step in and seal that Dark Power.

Stamina: Nigh-Limitless (As an abnormal Eternal Dragon , He Stated himself several times that he could've the fight between him and Goku for as long as he wished. ) l Same

Notable Attacks & Techniques:

Will add later.

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