Queen Chrysallis was a former villian in DBZ X MLP Crossover. She is a powerful Changeling whom commands a lesser army of changelings. Considered by the Mane Six even at EoS as a threat, they launched a final battle against her , and won and convrted her to good. She now works as an assistant to the Mane Six, even though they are roughly on par with each other. 

Power and Stats


Current Queen Chrysallis

Equestria girls queen chrysalis by rariedash-d6719n2

Former Queen Chrysallis

Tier: 3-A  l Unknown

Name: Queen Chrysallis 

Nickname(s): Unknown.

Classification:Queen of the Chngelings, Goddess of the Changelings. Former Dark Element 

Age: Unknown

Origin: DBZ X MLP Crossover

Destructive Capacity: Universal Level  ( She is on par with Whis  . Fought Cadance one equal ground , whom is also on par with Whis . Constantly said Twilight was an nuisance when she was at base, and knocked out Goku as an SSB in one hit, with a finger flick  . Was said to could've ended the universe during her ascenion .  )  

Speed: MFTL+ (Kept up with Twilight with ease . Easily kept up with Beerus ) 


Lifting Strength : Unknown

Striking Strength: Universal Class ( Knocked out Twilight at base with a single karate chop ) 

Stamina: Nigh-Limitless 

Notabale Attacks & Techniques

To be continued.

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