Arena Summary

Our lord and savior Kal-el has once again proved his magnificence by lifting an entire island made of kryptonite, his supposed "weakness." Now one could say that this is complete PIS and that it's absurd to use live action feats to determine the comic book version's powers, but who cares? While we're at it let's also upgrade from island to an entire planet! Cause if Supes had such difficulty dealing with an island, isn't it reasonable to say he could effortlessly tank a planet?

Time Of Day: Depends on what Superman's workout of the day is (regularly bench presses eternity itself)

Weather: Considering its an entire planet made of highly radioactive material, it's probably pretty cancerous (still not as cancerous as ScrewAttack itself though)

Location: The Desk of Death Battle

Arena Size: Infinite (Planets in the DC verse have infinite mass since the Justice League was able to rest Spectre on one)

This Arena May Benefit: Batman, Thor and The Incredible Hulk (Only very slightly though. Kind of like giving an ant a toothpick against the sun. Or giving Goku SSG and SSGSS)

This Arena May Impair: Superman...

Items: Whatever they want I guess. It's not like it'll do anything to Supes.

Starting Theme of the Battlefield (May change as the battle progresses):

Superman Theme04:13

Superman Theme

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