Come at me n00b

Always live life on the edge. If you fall off the edge, use your mustache to climb back up.
~ Pink Sheep


Pink Sheep is one of the most powerful entities in the Minecraft Machinima universe along with his son, Purple Shep. He made his first-ever appearance in ExplodingTNT's video, If Herobrine Took a Shower, and has been a recurring character on his channel ever since. The source of Pink Sheep's power is his perfectly well-trimmed mustache, which he can't live without and is what makes him a Prankster Gangster.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Memetic

Name: Pink Sheep

Origin: ExplodingTNT

Gender: Neither male nor female, classified as "other".

Age: *censored beep*

Classification: Prankster Gangster

Powers and Abilities: MLGness, Prankster Gangsterness, True flight, Banning


Speed: MLG | Bro get on my level

Lifting Strength: MLG | 1 2 3 it's Pink Sheep

Striking Strength: MLG | #PGN

Durability: MLG | Yo can't touch this

Stamina: MLG | Haters are my motivators

Range: MLG | Time for another MLG trickshot

Standard Equipment: His perfectly well-trimmed mustache.

Intelligence: Omniscient, but can't count past 43.

Weaknesses: If his mustache isn't trimmed too well, it can hinder his overall performance.

Note: Everyone who lacks a perfectly well-trimmed mustache is below him.

Key: Base | True Prankster Gangster Mode


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The Commenter As A Cat


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ExplodingTNT (3-5)

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