Tier : Memetic

Pink Guy

Ey b0ss

Name: Pink Guy

Origin: Filthy Frank Show

Gender: Unknown, Presumably Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Unknown, Presumably Human, One of Franks minions

Powers and Abilities: Omnipresent+, Internet and Meme Manipulation, resistant to lesser Internet and Meme Manipulation, Dancing, Immortality (type 8)

Attack Potency: Multi-Internet+ (Should on par with Salamander Man)

Speed: Omnipresent+

Lifting Strength: Multi-Internet+

Striking Strength: Multi-Internet+ (His punches are a threat to multiple Internet timelines.)

Durability: Multi-Internet+

Stamina: Limitless

Range: Spans the entire Internet

Standard Equipment: His pink suit

Intelligence: Sub-Human  

Weaknesses: Pusi

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