Character: Pi


Origins: Mathematics, it was born in it, molded in it, raised in it.

Gender: None, numbers don't have Genders.

Powers and Abilities: Attacking you with math, changing it's unit (grams, meters, you know.. Stuff) to be anything it wants. If it wants to be Pi Omnigrams, it's gonna be Pi Omnigrams, if it wants to be Pi Omnimeters, than it will be, and so on. As its number the possibilities are INFINITE! It can also WARP Space, Time, Reality itself, Change the Laws of Physics, and use someone's own HAX against them.

Age: Over 4.6 Billion Years

Classification: A f*cking NUMBER!

Attack Potency: Clearly Infinite because it's an Infinite Number. This number created the Omniverse using Binary Code, which involves NUMBERS!

Lifting Strength: Infinite, it's an Infinite Number

Speed: Omnipresent

Range: Infinite

Durability: Infinite

Stamina: Infinite

Basic Equipment: Numbers

Intelligence: Omniscient

Weaknesses: None

Notable Wins: Metal Bat (Approached Infinity Version). Metal Bat only approached infinity, while Pi has achieved it. Dot because it was just a massive mismatch, Dot can't beat anyone who is faster than it, Pi is far faster.

Notable Losses: NONE, and he will never have any

Inconclusive Matches: Superman (ScrewAttack) Because Pi didn't use HAX, it would've been a stomp otherwise (In Pi's Favor).

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