One of the most stupidest lawyers in reality and fiction

Powers and Stats

Tier: UMVC3 (Defeated Galactius) I Shit Tier at Phoenix Wrong Videos

Name: Phoenix Wrong, Worst Lawyer 2016

Origin: Phoenix Wrong

Gender: Omnisexual

Age: Likely 4

Classification: Bad Lawyer

Powers and Abilities: Rapid Objections

Attack Potency: Always infinite times below miles edgeworthless. Enough to make someone pull their skin off

Speed: Finger Pointing Speed+++

Lifting Strength: Pebble Level Infinite

Striking Strength: Objection Level at Best

Durability: Human Durabillity-

Stamina: Can say 1 million objections at best

Range: Still objection level

Standard Equipment: Boot to the head

Intelligence: Below lawyers, Supports anti-fox abuse. Always tries to defend people who are actually guilty

Weaknesses: Waifus, Lolis, Edgelord prosecutors. Also whips

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Rapid use of objections, Enough can make enough objections in someone's mouth making someone choke thus starting phoenix wrong: trials of tribulations but it's actually a giant boot to the head thanks to phoenix wrong's terrible luck because the plot still doesn't want him to be guilty but their actually wall level. Making people scream. Can clone himself



Notable Victories:

Julia (Was found guilty of murdering a crappy kingdom thanks to edgeworthless. We should be proud of miles)

Notable Losses:

Miles Edgeworthless

Light Yagami

His alarm clock because it played phoenix wright's very own cornered. He fell down his bed and cried

Morty Smith (Melted him and used him as Paint)

Stanley Pines (Wrong tried to defend him but his criminalness was too much for phoenix to comprehend)

Inconclusive Matches:


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