Once upon a time, in the world of....AND HIS NAME IS PERCENA! B-BURN MAH BREAD, B-BURN MAH BREAD!

Powers and Stats

Tier: WWEeb

Name: John Minato Yu Percena

Origin: WWE/Persona

Gender: Male

Age: 40 (16 at heart)

Classification: Super Weeb Wrestler

Powers and Abilities: Total Persona, Weeb Powers, BURN MAH BREAD, SuPercena, Kicking Out At 2

Attack Potency: WWEeb Level

Speed: Cenapresent

Lifting Strength: Stronger than your typical weeb

Striking Strength: Enough to make you scream "Nyarlathotep"

Durability: Kick Out At 2 Level

Stamina: As much as the people waiting for Persona 5

Range: The hearts and minds of all his fans.

Standard Equipment: Tarot Cards, Baseball Cap, Personas

Intelligence: Genius (Due to the Persona of The Hustle, The Loyalty, & The Respect)

Weaknesses: SMT Elitists


Notable Victories:

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Inconclusive Matches:

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