Palace Of The Dead

Arena Summary

The Palace Of The Dead is one really, really, REALLY long-winded dungeon in Tactics Ogre. Here the masters of the dead and all manner of ghouls, zombies, mummies, stone creatures, liches, demon bats and much more inhabit this dark palace! Also did i mention it goes ON AND ON AND ON?!

Time Of Day: N/A (Indoors in a dimly lighted palace)

Weather: N/A (Though lots of foul water inhabit the dungeon)

Location: A Palace...

Arena Size: So many....floors......

This Arena May Benefit: Undead and Dead characters, certain creatures like gargoyles, bats, and other dark/dead indoor dwellers, Necromancers, Users Of The Undead/Spectral/Dark

This Arena May Impair: Weather Users, Fearful Characters, Characters Afraid Of The Dark/Dead, Characters Susceptible To Poison

Items: Random Shops carry valuables. Look em up.

Starting Theme Of The Battlefield: (TBA)

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