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Bill is dead and his statements have no meaning. This debate has turned upside down and I reign supreme! Welcome one and all to Puella Magi Homura Tamura!


Summary: The year was 2016. Magical Girl Madoka Kaname’s fanbase was in shambles. A triangular titan rose up, threatening an infinite multiverse with just his presence. Notorious downplayers of PMMM Ryu and Ever keked away as their favorite cartoon villain was easily able to solo the verse. Or so they thought… Then came salvation. A glorious, low resolution gift from the heavens above descended upon VS. A scan cumfirming that PMMM has infinite timelines. And due to Madoka rewriting every timeline out there, she ascended to an undeniable 2-A, whereas as that three side shit Cipher was only a mere “likely”.

Then, when all seemed in vain for Bill. He arose now back with his formal glory, and in tier 1. Can there be a sequel to PMHT to save the PMMM verse? Only time can tell.....

Just kidding. All of PMMM solos Bill since he's also a tier 11 now.

Powers And Stats

Tier: Absolutely 2-A (Because f**k you Dorito Man)

Name: Somebody's Salavation, Queen Mami's Statement

Origin: A group that wanted stronger characters, was rediscovered by SomebodyData to finally upgrade Madoka and Homura, Possibly MLG (since she can easily devour doritos)

Gender: Futa (Had bigger balls than most guys, but still a chick)

Age: About 2 years

Classification: Massive upgrade for Madoka Kaname and Homura Akemi, Savior of Puella Magi Feats

Powers And Skills:  Salt Manipulation, Vs Threads Creation, Mind fucking, Downplay Destruction

Attack Potency: Infinte Timelines (Again. Deal with it), Possibly True Infinity+ to downplayers (passed the boundaries of fiction and obliterated Ryu’s pride)

Striking Strength: Immeasurable (The amount of an impact this had is immeasurable)

Lifting Strength: Immeasurable (Lifting a great weight off SomebodyData's back when debating with downplayers, Also threw every argument that supports Bill winning out the window)

Durability: True Infinity+ (Requires an infinite amount of BS to damage the credibility)

Speed: Sub-Human (Believe me when I say that the scan would have been more useful earlier)

Intelligence: MLG Troll Aizen+ (The rage caused Global Warming to accelerate)

Range: Only VsBattles (No other wiki apparently knows about this, at least... not yet...)

Weaknesses: SomebodyData's memory, low-rez


Notable Victories:

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 1.18.04 AM

-Bill Cipher

-TTGL Verse

-SaltamaTheShaker (He responded with this)

-The EverSalty

Inconclusive Matches:

-DBS Episode 12 (Both beautifully enhanced their own verses)

Notable Losses:

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