Power tools? You're referring to my arms of course.


There is but one shining example of manliness. The Overly Manly Man. Move over weakling humans!

Powers and Stats

Tier: Memetic (Considering his badassery and fame as a badass meme, this is more than deserved. And if you disagree with him he'll knock you out.)

Name: Overly Manly Man

Origin: The origin of the picture is an 1800s photo of boxer Mike Conley, the meme originated on Reddit

Gender: MALE

Age: Manly Man keeps on aging...not gracefully, because gracefulness is for weaklings.

Classification: Man/Manly Man

Powers and Abilities: Ultimate Manliness, Memetic Badassery, Immortality, Ultimate Manly Toughness, Rough And Tumble, Old Timey Boxing

Attack Potency: Manly Level

Speed: Omnipresence? More like out of shape waddling.

Lifting Strength: Infinity? That's for wimps.

Striking Strength: Your strikes are overpowered? How cute.

Durability: Utter physical annihilation? I call it a workout.

Stamina: Beyond Limitless (Eats a diet of nails, raw eggs, scrap iron, and other hard and manly things)

Range: His manliness extends everywhere

Standard Equipment: Equipment is for sissies.

Intelligence: Brawn>>>>>Brains

Weaknesses: None



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John Cena

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