Onion Uchiha


Onion Uchiha is the end result of what happens when your parents are an Uchiha, and a flippin vegetable! He is somehow related to the Onion Fairy.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 5-C physically, up to 5-B with jutsus

Name: Onion (Pronounced O-Nee-On) Uchiha

Origin: Narutoverse/Some garden in Japan

Gender: Male

Age: Early 20s

Classification: Human/Onion

Powers and Abilities: Various Jutsus, Martial Arts Mastery, Seperated Growth, Onion Manipulation, Power Copying

Attack Potency: Moon Level physically, up to Planet Level with various jutsus, his Truth Seeking Onions ignore conventional durabilty

Speed: Mach 10,000, his ultimate techniques can reach comical speeds.

Lifting Strength: Class Z (Can hoist some of his onions which reach that size)

Striking Strength: Class NJ+ (Uchiha Onion Style Taijutsu pays off)

Durability: Planet Level+ (Can tank Kaguya's Expansive Truth Seeking Ball)

Stamina: Near Limitless (Can more or less keep going and going and going and has unlimited chakra reserves)

Range: Up to Multi-Planetary range via some jutsus

Standard Equipment: Onion Bombs, Leek Kunai & Shuriken, Red Onion Katana

Intelligence: Genius (Very good battle tactician and schemer, in addition to being truly amazing in terms of technique)

Weaknesses: Direct exposure to harsh light can turn him brown and make him smell

Onion's Attacks, Techniques, & Jutsus


  • Barrage Palm: Rapid fire palm strikes with the force of explosive onions.
  • Mini Tornado Izuna Onion Drop: A short range traditional style Izuna Drop with an onion flair
  • Tornado Izuna Onion Drop: The traditional Izuna Drop. Straight up, spin, straight down, BOOMIN ONION!
  • BOOMIN ONION Tornado Izuna Piledriver: Onion grabs his foe, jumps SKY HIGH, then goes from an Izuna Drop straight into an inverted piledriver.....BOOMIN ONION!!!
  • Bombs, Kunai, & Shuriken: Onion always carries a massive assortment of these weapons.
  • Corkscrew Punch: A vicious corkscrew punch that's great for hitting internals. All with that bombin onion force.
  • Twirling Onion: An attack very similar in style to M. Bison's Psycho Crusher
  • Ripping Onion: An incredibly vicious shredding version of the Twirling Onion
  • BOOMIN ONION 64,000 Palms!: Onion's ultra vicious take on the Hyuga style technique. Strikes 64,000 times, and it HURTS.


Battōjutsu is the art of swordfighting, and these attacks focus on his swordplay. His weapon is a red onion katana infused with his limitless chakra

  • Blood Cross: Onion swings his sword diagonally twice, each in different directions, followed by an upward sword strike.
  • Tornado Leg Sweep: Onion does a low spinning sword sweep, which is great for tripping the foe, or at least knocking them off balance.
  • Defensive Stance: Onion assumes a Cross-Style defense stance with his sword, which is great for parrying, deflecting, and blocking.
  • Bloodflay: Onion releases a vicious series of downward slashes. Definitely his least prettiest display of swordsmanship.
  • Crimson Onion Butterfly: Onion delivers a vicious cycle of multiple rapid fire slashes, grows 4 red onion blade wings, then finishes with a 5 cross slash.

Genjutsu/Eye Techs/Mind Techs

Onion's techs do NOT require the foe to have chakra for the move to work.

  • Oniongan: The Oniongan allows Onion to copy any technique he has seen.
  • Riniongan: Basically the Rinnegan dialed up to eleven.
  • Tsukuyonion: An onion themed Tsukuyomi with no drawbacks on Onion himself.
  • Stinkin Onion: Onion releases a mind altering mist that alters the victim's senses, making everything smell like rotten onions.
  • Genjutsu: Tastes Like Brown Onions: Onion uses a genjutsu that alters the opponent's taste, making even the air they breathe taste like bad onions.
  • Genjutsu: Dancing Onions: Onion uses a genjutsu that forces his opponent into a hallucination where every thing is a dancing onion
  • Genjutsu: Onion Nightmare: This genjutsu is just torture. Everything is a bunch of nightmarish demonic onions who will actually attack you, and unless you have a strong mind, you'll probably be too frightened to do anything.


  • Earth Style: Leek Wood Jutsu: A jutsu that barricades Onion in a giant wooden Leek.
  • Earth Style: Leek Prison Box Jutsu: A jutsu that traps the opponent inside a box made of sturdy leeks.
  • Onion Clone Jutsu: Basically the shadow clone jutsu, but with onions!
  • Amateronion: Onion summons a massive amount of green flames that are near impossible to extinguish. They also smell awful.
  • Susan'oonion: A jutsu which is basically a giant Susan'oo in the form of an onion monster.
  • TSO (Truth Seeking Onion): The Truth Seeking Onion is a truly powerful object that can destroy anything it touches and make it smell bad.
  • Chibaku Onions: Onion conjures forth a massive onion meteor storm that is capable of annihilating planets and foes alike.
  • ETSO (Expansive Truth Seeking Onion): Basically the TSO, except far larger, harder to destroy, and much more potent. Takes a while (about 20 seconds) to charge though. (Luckily he can charge it while in the middle of combat)


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