Ogre's Temple

Arena Summary

Ogre was a badass. And so was his temple. There's a light at the end for any unlucky soul who perishes here....

Time Of Day: Likely daytime due to the outside light at the end point, but this is mostly an indoor place

Weather: N/A (Indoor Building)

Location: Presumably Mexico

Arena Size: About the size of your average Aztec Temple

This Arena May Benefit: Characters with Aztec affinities, fire manipulators, mythology experts, archaeologists

This Arena May Impair: N/A (Well maybe people afraid of these types of enviroments)

Items: Torches, and Huitzilopochtli knows what else....

Starting Theme Of The Battlefield:
Tekken 3 Arcade OST Ogre03:22

Tekken 3 Arcade OST Ogre

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