Ododo life one of many chapters, first Ododo born to parents, orc and dutch, then Ododo get sold to slavery where Ododo forced to work hard for whole childhood. Ododo then get let out of slavery and decide become professional boxer, Ododo very good at boxing and do it for five years, but Ododo told to quit by doctor because Ododo get 1,000 concussions in career alone, and it effect Ododo negatively. so Ododo quit boxing and join law firm, Ododo do many things from defend to persecute, and boss say Ododo might even make judge, but then Ododo laid off after law firm get hit by hostile takeover and assists dissolved. Ododo then entered adventuring chapter of life and even saved city from nuke by running it safe distance away. Then Ododo met weird light bulb guy, and weird light bulb guy said he need Ododo to help with paperwork in space bureaucracy so Ododo work for him now.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-A I 7-B

Name: Ododo Momo

Origin: Vs Battles Wiki (verse) (also technically D&D 5e)

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Classification: half orc, half Dutch, monk, boxer, barbarian, lawyer, Bureaucrat

Powers and Abilities: immortality type 4, martial arts, superhuman abilities, enhanced senses, legal mastery, Berserk mode, Aura, preperation.

Attack Potency: 9-A I 7-B

Speed: supersonic I FTL

Lifting Strength: Class 10 I Class T

Striking Strength: Class MJ I Class ZJ

Durability: Building level I Small country level

Stamina: High I Infinite

Range: 6 Meters

Standard Equipment: legal supplies, writing utensils, a suit that can never get dirty, energy drinks, law books

Intelligence: high but is limited due to severe mental trauma over lifetime

Weaknesses: none that are note worthy


got 1,000 concussions over a 5 year period, ran a city level bomb a safe distance away from a city from the heart of it in under ten minutes and survived the blast.  wrote several restraining orders while in a pitch black environment on a raft on a river

Notable Attacks/Techniques: punching, punching harder, catching projectiles

Key: before being uplifted I after being uplifted

Note: Ododo lacks any form of hair save a mustache, was uplifted by the Archiver Squid Peanut

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