Nuck Chorris


This is Nuck Chorris. Star of Texans Walking Range, famous for his role in Exit The Tiger, opponent of Luce Bree, and master of the squarehome punch.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Tetemic

Name: Nuck Chorris

Origin: That state shaped like a "T"

Gender: Male

Age: 69

Classification: Overblown Memetic Character That Collapsed Unto Himself

Powers and Abilities: Artial Marts, Oversized Chin, Random Tetemic Bullcrap

Attack Potency: Tetemic Level (Nuck is literally the inverted memetic)

Speed: Nomirepsent++++++++------

Lifting Strength: Finifite

Striking Strength: Squarehome Class (His signature technique will OK you)

Durability: Tetemic Level (Can take blows from Luce Bree)

Stamina: Texas Tuff

Range: Texans Walking Range

Standard Equipment: Doesn't need any. He's Nucking Nuck Chorris

Intelligence: So smart, his brain is beyond comprehension

Weaknesses: One

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Rock Rill: Nuck sings Taylor Swift songs so horribly, it shakes nonexistence.
  • Squarehome Punch: Nuck's Ultimate Technique. Nuck unloads with a punch so brutal, even Saitama would poop his pants upon feeling the impact infinity miles away.
  • Bullpit: Nuck uses the power of his smelly armpits to disorient his opponents. The armpit smells like a bull that just rolled around in sun baked manure
  • Sallo Of Troof: Nuck whips out his Sallo, which entangles the opponent and forces them to reveal their deepest darkest secrets
  • Nuck F***kles: Nuck lays a vicious beat down of punches with his f***les.


Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

  • Luce Bree

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