Norton Ad Block Plus


Tier: Garbage

Name: Norton A Block Plus

Origin: The Internet

Gender: Plus

Age: 10 years

Classification: Ad blocker (Failed Attempt)

Powers and Abilities: Ad Manipulation, Computer Corruption

Attack Potency: Can corrupt even a supercomputer on download

Speed: Download times may vary

Lifting Strength: Was able to lift the hopes of everyone looking for a good ad blocker, but only to drop them in the end.

Striking Strength: Can cause people to strike a hole through their computer

Durability:Try deleting system 32.

Stamina: Can allow ads to pop up every couple of seconds so, none.

Range: The entire population of the Internet who is somehow uninformed about this monstrosity.

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Way below the concept of intelligence.

Weakness: Common sense


Notable Victories:

The uniformed group of people on the Internet

Notable Losses:

Everyone else.


Bug Tests


Windows '98