Face it, It may be a old phone but it's the most durable thing in all of existence and nonexistence


Microsoft made the most durable and coolest phone that exists (Due to TurboTriangle601/The OP being too lazy to make a supermassive atm summary so yeah. That's REALLY about it)

Powers and Stats

Tier: Nokia Tier

Attack Potency: All of them. Those who aren't worthy to get a Nokias will be oblitterated. 

Origin: Read durability. first its true power get into the real world, but then it was realized that it was so OP to deserve a place in the TRUE FLATLAND verse. 

Durabillty: Beyond All Characters in Joke Battles Wiki (That's right. Nokias however are the most durable thing in all of reality and fiction combined with infinity squares all at once, People think "Mr. Popo created Nokias" WRONG! It is created by the greatest minds of the core of the omniverse, Nothing can tell me otherwise. If you scratch it even once. It boosts itself infinitely to be more powerful, Not even the most powerful characters in the wiki can scratch it, Ha ha NO, Anything that attacks it will be invalidated by it's mere presence, And even any attacks that will invalidate the invalidation will be invalidated even if your move invalidates that, It will summon a infinite-lasting loop that will never end, EVER. So don't think your luck is gonna save you this time. NOTHING CAN DESTROY IT, NOTHING CAN KILL IT. Now deal with it already.)

Classificaiton: The Omni-Phone, Chuck Norris Phone.


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