this is Monaca the Hero of Dildolando (Wagashi)


Tier: above anything even his own Nipples #Nipplepotence

Origin: Dragon Ball Z

Gender: Nipple

Age: 1000 Years old Nipple must be sagging

Classification: A Being that can shake the Multiuniverese with just twisting his Nips

Powers and Abilities: Nipple Beams, Nipple Crusher, Milky Cannon ohh Sexy Nipple Twister (be careful if he uses it nothing and nobody will Survive it)

Attack Potency:Nippled Beerus so that he gave up and he still had one more Nipple to give

Speed: You cant outrun his Nipples once in sight you fell in love with them and want to suck on it

Lifting Strength: One Nipple at a time

Striking StrengthNipples++


Stamina: his Nipple give him unlimited Milk Power so he can always recharge himself with a nice squezze

Range: Nippleversum (beyond the concept of Range)

Standard Equipment: big and hard Nipples and a greenish Trainingsoutfit

Intelligence: Nipplegence

Weaknesses: None

You love his Nipples dont chu^^

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