One PK Rockin Ω 

Is what is needed to solo your verse

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low Complex Multiverse Level (Always wins in any battle against a undertale character because people think earthbound is better then undertale) I 0 (Giygas is a hyperversal so ness must be omnipotent! This isn't PIS) I Likely Above Omnipotent (Giygas's increase in power allowed giygas to destroy omniverses) I Very Likely extremely higher (Is basically sans and beskerville chimera tier) I Cheat Code Mode (Ness's strength increases Infinitely^Infintely^Infinitely^Infinitely^Infinitely^Infinitely^Infinitely^Infinitely^Infinitely^Infinitely^Infinitely^Infinitely^Infinitely^Infinitely^Infinitely^Infinitely^Infinitely^Infinitely^Infinitely^Infinitely^Infinitely^Infinitely^Infinitely^Infinitely^Infinitely^Infinitely^Infinitely^Infinitely^i don't want to do this anymore^Infinitely^Infinitely^Infinitely^Infinitely^Beyond Infinitely^Beyond Infinitely^Beyond Infinitely^Beyond Infinitely^Beyond Infinitely^ times powerful then beyond tiers and stuff) I Divine Transention (Transended divine giygas as exaggerated ness's power transends casually destroying fiction and reality as if you try to do that. It will just feel like a pebble throw and it will be absolutely useless against ness the great anyway, Far superior to cheat code mode so hard it makes it look like divine transention is tier 0 and cheat code mode is tier 11)

Name: sans, Ness the Great

Origin: Earthbound

Gender: Male

Age: Basically teenage years but understands how to use his power

Classification: Cool guy that beated up evil 90's hippies

Equipment: The most strongest baseball bat there is, Franklin Badge (That can somewhat reflect any and all kinds of lightning)

PK/PSI Spells: He has all the magic in the games as he pleases. Through as all magic in fiction upgraded to ridicously op levels

Attack Potency: Irrelevent (Defeated divine giygas who can end everything in fiction and reality even omnipotents, beyond omnipotents, memes and this wiki just by a single thought)

Speed: Beyond Omnipresent (Can blitz spooky abomination in no time)

Lifting Strength: Massively Class H+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++XInfinity at Best

Striking Strength: Smashing Level+

Durabillty: Destroyer of Worlds Level+

Stamina: Infinite

Range: Can hit anything, No miss.

Intelligence: Outsmarted a very smart alien

Weaknesses: Nope.

Key: Base Ness I Post-Earthbound I Rematch Against Giygas I What Game Theory Said I With Cheatz I Fully Transended


Notable Victories:

BrokenLord (In request of the original oc creator, And that ness never actually fought him in the first place

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches

Notable Attacks/Techinques


With a single smash of this attack, The omniverses between the omniverses between the omniverses between the allverses get destroyed destroying all of reality and fiction relatively, casually. This is currently one of ness's most powerful moves,So uh yeah. Nothing can block it, Nothing can "stop" it. All the beyond omniverses, All of beyond infinity, All universes, multiverses and omniverses including the one ness is battling in right now will be defeated. With ness being the only survivor. I like don't care about how you are beyond the concept of (repeat until necessary) defeat. You will still be destroyed, It will completely bypass all durabillty and beyond the concept of (repeat until necessary) durabillty. Even the dankest of memes flee away from this attack, Extra boost with another side-attack: Some magical seizures which can completely destroy an opponent's eyes utterly blinding them

The "Screw You" Teleport

Ness just teleports away from the battle not ending it, But making it endless. There will be no winner nor loser. The opponent will be lost forever with anti-broken barriers completely immune to all attacks that exist, will exist and don't exist around the battle then a giant hole emerges trapping said opponent into nonexistence FOREVER. WITH NO ESCAPE with the opponent's friends and family forgetting them forever and ness can only let the opponent escape if he wills. Used to defeat the big sans war shark gang who beated up innocent verses and protagonists (including natsu) for their money formely led by frank (not that one) and as it is, it is a absoutely unfair hax technique that can turn anything into a notable victory

Baseball Bat

The baseball bat, With no to little effort can destroy omniverses between the omniverses between the omniverses between the omniverses between the omniverses between the omniverses (repeat until necessary) between the suggsverses and with a SMASH! It can destroy many multi-omni-omega-alpha-omnisphere-suggsverses between the omni-suggsverses (repeat until necessary) of existence enchanted by the omniverse salesman in the middle of joke battles wiki, A home for many powerful beings to live in archived by the internet.

Ring ring- can call his friends they did the spit shake that they will help each other no matter what soooo

Friend List

The Almighty Red

Heaven Ascension Elec Man

Godly Magic Missle Jeff

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