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Fodderized so hard that he devolved into a anime chibi

Summary (too weak to be described anyway)

Powers and Stats

Tier: 100-C (Numbers higher then tier 11 are weaker, nuff said but likely shit tier-----)

Name: Nat

Age: Somewhere near 16 but uses orange water guns, What?

Origin: Fairly OddP--- Oh wait it's fairy tail, Tale? It's fairytale (So weak that the creator of this page almost forgot what franchise he's from)

Classification: The Seemingly Below Everything Jr.

Powers and Abllities: Orange water guns, Doing a great job at being weak

Attack Potency: His fire is actually orange water guns

Speed: Peak Human

Lifting Strength: Enough to lift kid toys

Strking Strength: Useless

Durabillty: Thin air level-

Stamina: Was soloed in 2 seconds by the dark souls verse

Range: Average Ranged Weapon Range (*coughorangewatergunscough*)

Standard Equipment: Orange Water Guns


Weaknesses: Everything.

Notable Attacks/Techinques:

Voting System - A google+ poll-esque system appears, It would decide the winner. Loser gets killed out of nowhere with a army of natsu haters and downplayers voting for natsu's opponent to win REGARDLESS, Even if it's a certain dead horse 2012 meme, Even the one below all gets the most votes. Natsu just dies, It will appear on every battle with downplayed natsu, Even if in round 2 the voting system is removed. It will still be there in hopes of natsu losing

Doing Nothing - Just stands there doing nothing hoping for his opponent to kill him


nope, no notable victories for you

Notable Losses:

Dark Souls

Verses that are below island level

His virginity (got raped by Garfield)


The Concept of Being Weak (Was too weak for even the concept)

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