Look at this failure


He said he wanted to become Hokage, but didn't stand a chance at all.

Powers and Stats

Tier:¬†ūüí© Tier

Name: Naruto Uzumaki/Loser/Failure/Baka

Origin: No one cares!

Gender: Female

Age: 69

Classification: LOL Doesn't deserve a classification but if he had one it would be Yamcha's bitch.

Powers and Abilities: He is good at losing and being a failure. He's also good at dying.

Attack Potency: None | Shit | Pathetic | City Level, likely lower (Got his arm destroyed by a city level attack)

Speed: None | Shit | Pathetic | Subsonic, likely lower (Can't create sonicbooms, Kishimoto said that Bullets > Ninja's)

Lifting Strength: None | Shit | Pathetic | Subhuman, likely lower (Can't lift much, those Rhino's weighted next to nothing)

Striking Strength: None | Shit | Pathetic | Subhuman, likely lower (Relies on spamming clones and using the Rasengan)

Durability: None | Shit | Pathetic | Wall Level, likely Street Level (Ordinary thug can take him out)

Stamina: Shit, likely several microjoules.

Range: A few micrometers. His aim is worse than Sakura's.

Standard Equipment: Kunai, butthurt Narutards, ramen, pouch for equipment, shuriken, Sasuke's forehead protector.

Intelligence: His brain is as small as a pea. Couldn't solve a single question on the first phase of the Chunin Exams unless it was for his plot armor.

Weaknesses: Possibly anything.

Notable Attacks/Techniques: 

Rasengan: A ball of spinning wind, useless but good as a fan.

Rasenshuriken: A ball of spinning wind with blades, tiny cell sized wind blades can't penetrate skin since they lack enough energy to do so, they also make good fans.

Shadow Clones: Clones which are effective… being useless as they can't do anything.

Sage Mode: Extra face paint, makes Naruto strong enough to lift ABSOLUTELY NOTHING at full power.

Bijuu Mode: Makes Naruto yellow (but Naruto is Asian, he was already yellow from the beginning) the chakra cloak makes Naruto stronger than when in Sage Mode, allowing him to lift zero weight with high difficulty.

Truth-Seeking Balls: Black balls which finds the truth. Useless in combat situations.

Non-Sucking Black Holes: Black holes which can't suck anything, making them harmless. Naruto's most powerful attack.

Six Paths Sage Mode: Makes Naruto stronger than his Bijuu Mode, allows him to lift zero weight with moderate-high difficulty. He also has his most powerful attack- a black hole which is harmless, doing zero damage.

Asspull: Lazy writing where abilities just come out of thin air. However, looking from above, asspull abilities seem to be useless, so it is likely asspull is granting Naruto more abilities to do nothing.

Key: Base | Sage Mode | Bijuu Mode | Sage Of Six Path Bijuu Mode


Notable Victories: Oleg (cool bro and hella jeff edition)

Notable Losses: 

You (Overkill)

Himself (Stomp)

Old People (Stomp)

Wet Paper (Stomp)

A Fart (Stomp)

The Wind (Stomp)

A Foot (Stomp)

His Own Shadow (Stomp)

Nothing (Overkill)

Dirt (Stomp)

Worms (Stomp)

Dan Hibiki (Note: this was a half-dead Dan with no Ki) (stomp)

Ants (Stomp)

Raditz (Overkill)

Saibamen (Overkill)

Wispy Woods (Overkill)

Goomba (Overkill)

Koopa Troopa (Overkill)

Yamcha (Stomp)

Justin Bieber (Stomp)

Luigi (Screwattack) (Stomp)

Tifa (Screwattack) (Stomp)

Mega Man (Screwattack) (Stomp)

Mega Man (Failed Reality) (He didn't even want to fight and won Just by Standing there.)

Goku (Exaggerated) (Spread Naruto's ashes through the Galaxy)

Goku (Downplayed) (Stomp)

Master Chief (Legendary) (Stomp)

Steven 'Senator' Armstrong (Purged Naruto for being weak)

Rebecca Black (Stomp)

Kid Goku (Stomp)

Baby Broly (Stomp)

Baby Trunks (Stomp)

Kid Gohan (Stomp) (Note:This is Kid Gohan at the beginning of Z before fighting Raditz)

Joe Kido (Stomp)

Bomberman (Screwattack) (Stomp)

Sakura Haruno (Useless) (Close match but Naruto still lost)

Chuck Norris (Lol overkill much?)

Saitama (Stomp)

Terry Crews (Overkill)

Isaiah Mustafa (Overkill)

WLBY (Stomp)

Krillin (Stomp)

Puar (Stomp)

Oolong (Stomp)

Roshi's Turtle (Stomp)

Earth Masque (Overkill)

Medaka (Overkill)

STTGL (Overkill)

Seiya Pegasus (Overkill)

Any Goku (Stomp or overkill)

Anyone (Stomp or overkill)

Glass Joe (Stomp)

A dead corpse (Stomp)

Yo mama (Overkill)

Mike Tyson (Ate him)

Himself (Stomp)

John Cena (Super Cena wasn't required)

Marty McFly (Killed him by staring)

Teh Docturr (Overkill)

Infant with a nerf gun (Overkill)

Melvin (Overkill)

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