Narutaki is a mysterious man who says Decade will destroy their world. he always blame Decade with unknown reason

Power and Stats

Tier: ONORE DIKEIDO! (Damn you, Decade!)

Name: Narutaki

Origin: Kamen Rider Decade

Gender: Male

Age: probably in mid 30s-early 40s

Classification: prophet

Power and Abilities: Dimensional travel, Rider summoning, can transform into Colonel Zol and Doctor G, blaming Decade

Attack Potency: wall level, this is all Decade's fault!

Speed: normal human

Striking Strength: human level

Durability: Anti-Decade level

Stamina: unknown

Range: universal

Standard Equipment: his doll, his Anti-Decade coat

Intelligence: manipulated the event from behind the scene

Weakness: Kamen Rider Decade


Notable Victories:


Notable Loses:

-Kamen Rider Decade

Inconclusive matches:


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