My band is better then your band, don't argue or I will unleash my salty rage of butthurt.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Better than yours

Name: My band

Origin: Sent from god himself

Age: Unknown, I found them today

Classification: badass music makers

Powers and Abilities: Don't make fun of me but this band has gotten me through tough times, they have helped people. That means you can't make fun of them or you are sub human filth with no emotion.

Attack Potency: Were able to knock all the posters of other bands off my wall

Speed: took me faster to like them than a turtle with a jetpack and a time warp device.

Lifting Strength: Lifts my ego, that's pretty big...

Striking Strength: Struck me as sad that nobody else appreciates the sweet royal nectar that even the gods would think is too good, band

Durability: Can't take criticism, but it's not like such an amazing band should get any in the first place!

Stamina: This band is lasting as my fave longer than my last favorite band

Standard Equipment: Guitar, talent, singer, talent, bassplayer, talent, drums, talent ......

Intelligence: nvm i dont like this band anymore they are dum 

Weaknesses: The music is repetitive, ohhhhhh check out this band(repeat from top)

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Others Edit

Notable Victories:...

Notable Losses:....

Inconclusive Matches:....

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