Mugshot Vince

Someone's gonna join his kiss my ass club....


Vince McMahon, arrested for being a crazy senile nutcase. Made all the more evident with this disturbing mugshot. No longer is he just a chairman, but he is a man who will beat you with a chair till your bones are shattered glass.

Powers and Stats

Tier: WWE Level

Name: Mugshot Vince

Origin: WWE Brooklyn Prison

Gender: Male

Age: Fossil Age

Classification: Human/Senile Psycho

Powers and Abilities: Rage Mode, Firing, Soap Drop Inducement

Attack Potency: WWE Inmate Level

Speed: Chain Gang-Sonic

Lifting Strength: Prison Class

Striking Strength: Hard Knocks

Durability: Tougher Than Iron Bars

Stamina: High

Range: Penitentiary Range

Standard Equipment: N/A (uses whatever he can find)

Intelligence: Senile, but capable

Weaknesses: He's senile and bat shit crazy



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