MtDew 20oz


The iconic drink of dank MLG NoScopers everywhere! Chug chug chug!

Powers and Stats

Tier: 20 Oz (Standard size, some sizes are smaller like cans or larger like liters)

Name: Mountain Dew

Origin: MLG DankVille

Wielders: Any Dank character

Gender: None. It's a drink.

Age: Fresh out the bottle/can

Classification: Soda

Powers and Abilities: Caffeination, Sugar Rush, Extra Peppyness, Enhanced NoScope

Attack Potency: Caffeine Level (Peps the consumer up quite heavily)

Speed: 360 No Scope

Lifting Strength: Super Sugar Rush (You'll be lifting infinity itself with this)

Striking Strength: Sugary Punch! Do the dew!

Durability: Caffeinated Invincibility

Stamina: Beyond Limitless++++

Range: 360,420 Degrees Of NoScope

Intelligence: Your senses are heightened!

Weaknesses: Effect expires after about 20-30 minutes

Note: The stats are only applicable to a character that consumes the Dew. Alone, the drink is powerless.

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