Morty The God of Destruction, Will destroy everyone in his path

God And Jesus Combined

Powers and Stats

Tier: Beyond Tiers

Name: Morty Smith

Origin: Rick And Morty

Gender: Male

Age: Appears 15, Actually has no age.

Classification: The one above all 2.0, Frae's Boss

Powers and Abilities: Transforming into a car. Godlike powers

Attack Potency: Infinite

Speed: Beat sonic and flash on a race

Lifting Strength: Same as superman

Striking Strength: Godly

Durability: Steel

Stamina: OHMYGOD

Range: 9999999

Standard Equipment he's a god why would he need weapons

Intelligence: Albert Einstein 


Notable Attacks/Techniques: Destroying Earth and Destroying you


Notable Victories:

Frae (made him his maid)

Undertale Verse

Everything and Everyone

Trainer Red (Despite winning. Morty also died)

Inconclusive Matches:

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