Morgan Freeman is a mighty being, who's power derives from having the most pleasant voice of all time. It is impossible to forget anything he has said to you. It is also impossible to disobey a command from him. In fact, even when he is
Morgan Almighty

Morgan Freeman, God of the Universe

acting, it is extremely difficult not to obey him when he gives a command, even if it is scripted.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Infinite Ocean (It's like Ocean Tier, but infinitely bigger, as deep and wide as a ocean that comprises an entire infinite universe. Far beyond Memetic)

Name: Morgan Freeman, God

Origin: Real Life, the Voice

Gender: Male. No one could ever mistake it.

Age: 78

Classification: Human, Actor, the Voice

Powers and Abilities: Use of the Voice

Attack Potency: Infinite Ocean

Speed: Human

Lifting Strength: Human, but that isn't a problem if he can just politely ask the Hulk to carry it for him.

Striking Strength: Infinite Ocean

Durability: Human, but irrelevant, as no one would dare attack the Voice.

Stamina: Human

Range: Universal with the infinite range of the Voice.

Standard Equipment: The Voice.

Intelligence: Ocean (His intelegence is as deep and wide as the ocean. Yeah.)

Weaknesses: Chuck Norris, the only one who can resist the Voice.


Notable Victories:

The Panda (Said no to the panda. It hugged him anyway, and left, and he still bought the Panda Cheese.)

Chin (Convinced him to stop killing the fuckin' ugly reds for a few days.)

AVGN (Calmed him down.)

Goku (All of them.)

Screwattack Superman, Yang, and Toph. (Convinced Wiz to stop being biased)

Madafaka (His smoothness was greater than her swag.)

Jackal Sniper and Usopp, both teamed and bloodlusted (Right before they shot him, they heard his voice, and it made them miss.)

That Guy Up There (As tough as he is, he wouldn't dare challenge Morgan Freeman.)

Broly (Brolypotence is nothing compared to the Voice)

Zalgoverse (The Voice is the cure to Zalgo)

CrappyPasta Verse (In the face of the perfect Voice, writing that bad couldn't even exist)

Justin Bieber (As bad as Bieber's music is, the Voice cancelled it out completely.)

Shrek (Note: Shrek had his swamp) Shrek's Profile

Notable Losses:

Chuck Norris (Chuck is too badass to worry about the Voice, but him and Morgan Freeman are real close, so it wasn't really a fight. Chuck still described the Voice as "mildly soothing."

Inconclusive Matches:

Copetan (Copetan is infinitely beautiful to behold, while Morgan Freeman is infinitely beautiful to hear, so neither could counter the other.)

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