Morbid Patrick

I love you.

Alternate Morbid Patrick

My body is ready.

Morbid Patsune Miku

It's either Morbid Patrick merged with a singing robot or their love child....

Classic Morbid Patrick

You took my only food. Now i'm going to starve.


Morbid Patrick is a member of the Skodwarde Squad, and one of his three top members. He is the muscle of the squad, and the strongest overall (behind Skodwarde and Moar Krabs).

Powers and Stats

Tier: Irrelevant (Being second to Skodwarde, he really doesn't fit into any conventional tier)

Name: Morbid Patrick/Petrix

Origin: Skodwardeverse/SpongeBob SquarePants (Life Of Crime)

Gender: Male | Shemale | Referred to as a he, but overall beyond the concept of gender

Age: Not bound by the concept of age

Classification: Starfish | Abomination

Powers and Abilities: Anything, really....

Attack Potency: He's Skodwarde's strongest squad member so pucker up.

Speed: The speed of LOOOOVVVVEEEE..... (But his speed can't be defined for it is a lowly concept to him)

Lifting Strength: Obviously a puny concept, although Patrick actually does enjoy lifting infinity gazillion infinite all of existences

Striking Strength: INSTANT KNOCKOUT

Durability: Such a concept is irrelevant to him:

Stamina: In a fight? Or in his bed? (He is a ladies man)

Range: Infinity Gazillion Infinity All Of Existences

Standard Equipment: A harem of maids, moldy food, toe jam(Yes. Really.), and expired milk

Intelligence: Despite his slobbish personality and repugnant appearance, he's one of Skodwarde's elites. Meaning beyond the concept of intellect.

Weaknesses: Obviously has none....

Feats: Whatever feats he wants, really.

Notable Attacks/Techniques: While he can do anything he wants, his general favorites are....

  • Halitosis: Patrick utters the words "KRRRRAAABBBBSSS" causing everyone who hears it to have severe nausea, and be sick for months.
  • The Big One: Patrick lets loose THE BIG ONE....which is a massive deep squeaky fart that causes the brown note wherever he wants
  • Hai Bob: A tandem attack with Spengbab, Patrick says "HAI BOB...." followed by Spengbab replying with "HAI PETRIX...." to which everyone who sees it has nightmares for the rest of their life
  • (Censored): Patrick has some (censored) with his harem, proceeding to (CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED) while (CENNNNSSSOOORRREEEDDD) and everyone watches in disgust

Key: Classic Morbid Patrick | Morbid Patsune Miku | Morbid Patrick

Note: Classic Morbid Patrick doesn't have any of the qualities that Morbid Patrick has and is basically just a fat Patrick Star.



Notable Victories:

  • TOAA
  • Various other "ultimate memetic" verses
  • The NAAFP (Family Guy)
  • Snuggle Bear
  • Kirby (Poor sucker tried to inhale Morbid and turned to dust)

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

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