He's gonna be the pirate kin-- oops, he died.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 💩 as baseline Luffy | High 💩 as Gear Two | Garbage tier as Gear Three | Atleast 10-C with Gear Fourth (weaker than the average human by a mile, and is just a toy!)

Name: Monkey D. Weakling, the Loser King

Origin: who cares?

Gender: Wimp

Age: 17

Classification: The Loser King

Powers and Abilities: Being a Weakling.

Attack Potency: Absolutely below None | Crappy | Trash tier | Low Amoeba level (Destroys Amoebas casually, atleast)

Speed: Totally Immobile | Trash Tier | Massively Slower than Tortoise+ | Low Human level (outpaces Old Man Jenkins)

Lifting Strength: None | Trash tier | Trash tier | Do You Even Lift, Bro?

Striking Strength: None | Trash tier | Trash tier | Class H- (far weaker than normal humans)

Durability: Paper Tier (a simple poke can kill him)

Stamina: Utter Crap as baseline, G2, and G3 | Limitless as G4 because hes a balloon.

Range: Right next to him

Standard Equipment: A strawhat, pirate clothes... and that's it.

Intelligence: Had an negative IQ. 

Weaknesses: Anything, and Everything

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Gear Second: Luffy makes smoke and steam from his body! +100% in badassery, but very impractical!

Gear Third: Luffy makes his arm fat! -50% in badassery, but atleast its practical!

Gear Fourth: Luffy turns into a big fat balloon!

Gum Gum Fruit: Makes him chew bubble gum 120830219830921x faster than anybody, which is his only talent!

Plot Armor: His hidden ability, which allows him to withstand pretty much nothing!


Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Anakin Skythug



Himself (somehow)

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The One Below All

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