His Plums Have Died

The absolute god of our realm.

Powers and Stats

Name: Micheal " Fiddle Diddle " Rosen

Age: 69

Tier: At the very least 0

Gender: Skyfoogle

Classification: Pussy Destroyer

Powers and Abilites: Robs cake if need be can shatter multiverse with Skyfoogle

Speed: Omniprescence can catch airplanes mid air

Lifting Strength: Can hold up twin towers with no problem

Destructive Capacity: Logic

Durability: Plums

Range: 100 trillion days

Intelligence: Beyond our comprehension via making gr8 books

Standard Equipment: Skyfoogle and Cake

Feats: Exceeded the number of 9/11 jokes acceptable in a single video


Notable Victories

Screwattack Superman

Lord Aizen


Roald Dahl

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