Tier: As a normal human 10-b, but as a director 8-B

Micheal Bay

Name: Michael Bay

Origin: A massive explosion


Age: 51

Classification: Action Film Director, Ruiner of pyrotechnics budget

Powers and Abilities: Explosion Creation ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (note: does not mean well placed.)

Attack Potency: Could level both a blockbuster movie budget and a average-sized village

Speed: Can rewrite a movie script faster than you can say, "Is an explosion really appropriate then?"

Lifting Strength: about 12.5 pounds, which is the average weight of 10 C4's

Striking Strength: Can punch a massive hole in a movie's plot and level

Durability: He still somehow has a directorial job.

Stamina: Depends on either how long a movie takes to film, or how much explosives he can buy with only going $1,000,000 dollars over budget.

Range: His movies are shown on every continent.

Standard Equipment: a C4 detonator.

Intelligence: His IQ is somehow C4

Weaknesses: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Notable Victories/ Losses:

Notable Losses: Romantic Comedies

Notable Victories: unknown

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