Tries to look cool but in reality is a fodder


Created by weeaboo trash dinosaur and is also the most weakest robot in reality and fiction. (secretly toby made him seem weak just to show how strong chara is)

Powers and Stats

Tier: Below Shit Tier I The opposite of a exaggerated character's strength (Focuses on being completely and below weak instead)

Name: Mettaton

Origin: Undertale

Gender: Generic made up tumblr gender

Age: Ghosts don't have ages.

Classification: Weakest of All Robots

Powers and Abilities: Just standing

Attack Potency: None

Speed: Sub-Human Level

Lifting Strength: Mettaton can't even lift their own legs, fanfics and ships

Striking Strength: Below Infinite

Durability: ONE PAWWWNCH

Stamina: Limitless (Can stand for infinite seconds)

Range: Mettaton is below the concept of range

Standard Equipment: Confetti shooting rocket launcher (Deals -20 damage)

Intelligence: Average robot intelligence. Has no free will

Weaknesses: Everything. Also non-human characters

Key: Mettaton (2nd Dimensional Rectancle) I Mettaton EX (Can only dance) I Mettaton NEO (Most Weakest Form) I Mettaton NEON (Somehow below mettaton NEO)

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Dancing which mettaton doesn't even do at this form


Mettaton can't even win. What else did you except

Notable Losses:

Frisk (Downplayed)

Sans (Downplayed)

Everything in Fiction

The Internet



Inconclusive Matches:

The One Below All

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