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Well it was a weapon from some... Evil Doctor dude's robot


Tier: 4-C (Most powerful weapon in all of megaman) I 2-C including battle network

Name: Some OP Weapon i guess?

Origin: Mega Man

Age: Likely 400 years old

Classification: Saw Blades

Wielders: Mega Man and eh. Some people

Powers and Abilities: Does the abllity to cut through your internal organs count?

Attack Potency: More powerful then the entire megaman multiverse, Including non-canon crossovers

Speed: Can keep up with megaman

Durability: ...

Range: Really good

Weaknesses: Weaknesses? Seriously?

Feats: Soloing the megaman verse

Notable Attacks/Techniques: None

Key: Metal Blades I If counting battle network

Note: Self-explanatory.

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