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Mercury's reaction to Yang vs Tifa Haters when Yang said that he put up a better fight then Tifa

Mercury has been confirmed to be stronger than Tifa Lockheart from FF7 as well as all FF7 Characters.

Powers and Abilities:

Tier: Rooster teeth partnership, Yang Tier

Name: Mercury Black

Age: 14

Classification: Better than Tifa Tier, Scrub Tier,

Origin: RoosterTeeth, a website affiliated with ScrewAttack (Which are not biased in anyway.)

Gender: Male

Powers and abilities: God Level Kicking Strength (Was actually a match for Yang unlike Tifa). Powers of Vagueness, Dancing Moves (I mean look at him go), Fanboy manipulation, Internet manipulation, Money manipulation,

Attack potency:Multi True Infinity+  (Was able to actually hurt Yang unlike Tifa who barley put a scratch on him)

Speed: Universe level (MFTL+)

Durability: Complex multiversal (Can be compared to a concrete piller and Yang)

Lifting Strength: More then Yang level

Standard equipment:Metal Legs, That hairstyle

Weakness: Angry G1s, Frail/Girly Legs

Intelligence: Much smarter then you average high school student

Range: Wall level+


Stamina: Small building level (He comes from a the RWBY Universe so he's weak as hell)

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