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Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B | At least 3-C | High 3-A | At least 2-C, 2-A with Constellational Exclamation

Name: Matthew Schroeder, Matthew of Every Constellation, Azor Ahai³

Origin: Vsbattleswiki

Gender: As manly as can be, Bishie as fuck in Episode GG

Age: 18 | 24 (Training took 6 years) |28 (After surviving holy Wars with Ares, Anubis, Tsukuyomi, Hela, Morrigan, Lucifer and Beerus) |

Classification: Human, Demigod, Ascended God, Primordial Deity of Awesome

Powers and Abilities: Nerdhood, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th Sense User, Immortality (All types), Incomparable Strength, Speed, Durability, Stamina, Atomic Destruction at a universal range, with a 4D potency, at will. Sexy as fuck, vocal training to shout attacks, Theater Training to make speeches more beautiful, Space-Time Manipulation (Learned from Madoka), Causality Manipulation (Defeated The Truth), Fabulousness Control (Taught by Whis and Vados)

Attack Potency: Wall Level+ | Large Galaxy Level+ | High Universe Level | Low Multi-Universe, Multiverse+ with CE

Speed: Superhuman+ | MFTL | MFTL+ (Septillions of times) | Immesurable (Controls the Spacial Dimension at will)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman+ | Class 100+ via powerscaling, Planetary when giving his all | Stellar Class (Kicked Canis Majoris like it was a soccer ball) | Immesurable |

Striking Strength: Class PIS (Can always surpass his opponent through the powers of love and friendship)

Durability: Superhuman+ | Solar System level+ | Universe+ | Multiverse+

Stamina: Extremely high (Can initiate a 10 Eon War)

Range: Meta-Verse level

Standard Equipment: His PC and Vidyagamus | Ascended Gemini Gold Cloth | 12 Fused Gold Cloths bathed in the blood of Madoka | Simon's Gigadrill Scepter.

Intelligence: Brilliant, makes Stephen Hawking look stupid

Weaknesses: Toei Animation

Feats: Did 1000 Pull ups, 1000 Sit Ups, 1000 Squats and 50 KM running everyday, as well as spars with Gold Saints, and did not lose his hair. Rather, became better looking than ever.

Notable Attacks/Techniques: 

  • Constellational Exclamation: Matthew summons the Great Will of every Star and Possible Constellation across the entire universe, shaking entire multiverses while doing so. With this attack, Matthew killed Chronos, Atum, the Three Primordial Shinto Deities and Metatron.
  • Ahegao Bitch Slap of the Gods: Taught to him by Taurus Aldebaran, this attack not only destroys the teeth of any opponent, but has mind-fuckery properties that put Zebediah Kilgrave with Infinite Tsukuyomi to shame.

Key: Base | Post Training from 12 Gold Saints | Blood of Madoka | Olympian God of Awesome



Notable Victories:

The Vector Prime


Masami Kurumada

Super Beerus

Devil Homura

Hades + Ares Potarra fusion

Notable Losses:

Zeus (No one can match his power)

Madoka (Can't harm an innocent waifu)

Athena (^)

The Everlasting-Senpai

Mikoto Misaka (Cuteness made him faint)

Inconclusive Matches:


BruceTheBatman (Match was debating MegaMan.EXE vs Pegasus Seiya with speed equalized)

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