Master Ken

TierTiers are bullshit.

Name: Master Ken

Origin: Enter the Dojo Show

Gender: Male

Age: 37

Classification: 11th degree black belt in Ameridote.

Powers and Abilities: Kill Face, Tiger Strike, Hurticane, 100+ ways to attack the groin.

Attack Potency: Small Building Level (with Class 10 Hurticane.)

SpeedFaster than his own reflection.

Lifting Strength: Unknown.

Striking Strength: Lethal

DurabilityNobody's brave enough to attack him to find out.

Stamina: He doesn't need endurance because he ends all fights immediately.

Range: Nearly Omniscient. Can use everything in his environment as a weapon.

Standard Equipment: His hands and feet are all the weapons he needs. He also has finger guns, and can use machetes and knives as well. He also apparently likes hitting things with punching bags.

Intelligence: Created his own martial art. Expert at human anatomy.  

Weaknesses: Are you kidding me?

Others Edit Edit

Notable Victories:



Krav Maga




Every other martial art

Jason Voorhees (Via How To Slash a Slasher)

Freddy Kreuger (Same)

Jason Kreuger (Same)

Deez Nuts (Via 100 ways to attack the groin. Ken sure goteem)

Notable Losses:

He lost his keys at the mall. If anyone can find them he'd greatly appreciate it.

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