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Masato Kusaka is a character from Kamen Rider 555. and he will betray and kill anyone who standing on his way to get 'his' Mari.

Power and stats

Tier: 8-C|Jerk tier

Name: Masato Kusaka

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 13-09-197X (Kaixa day)

Age: 20s-30s

Origin: Kamen Rider 555

Classification: Kamen Rider Jerk, unemployed, Mari Hunter

Attack potency: Building level|Mari level

Speed: Hypersonic

Lifting Strength: Class 5

Striking Power: At least Class GJ (Has more striking Strength than Faiz)

Stamina: Superhuman+

Intelligence: Manipulate everyone in the series because he loved to betray anyone and anybody to make Mari become his, skilled combatant

Standard Equipment: SB-913B Kaixa Driver, SB-913P Kaixa Phone, Kaixa Mission Memory, SB-913C Kaixa Shot, SB-913B2 Kaixa Pointer, SB-913X Kaixa Blaygun, SB-913V Side Basshar

Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, agility, endurance,night vision,energy manipulation

Weaknesses: he had no weaknesses when it comes to Mari


Notable Victories:

-Superman (ScrewAttack) (Superman was once try to take Mari)

-Yang (Screwatttack) (because he is only use Yang to get his Mari)

-Goku (Wanked)

-The Pressence



-Anti Monitor

-Justn Bieber

-Roman Reigns

-Daniel Bryan

-Naruto Uzumaki (Wanked)

-Sasuke Uchiha (Wanked)

-The One Above All

-Devil May Cry verse

-Metal Gear verse

-Hideo Kojima


-All Kamen Rider

-All Power Rangers

-All Japanese Superhero

-Za Warudo

-all of Fanfiction

-everyone who standing in his way

Notable Loses:

-Takumi Inui (because Mari choose to fell with Takumi instead Kusaka)

-Mari Sonoda (because his feelings toward Mari was not reciprocated back.)

-Yuji Kiba (he is the one who kill him at the end of episode 48)

-Homu Homu (Because he found her sleeping with Mari)

Inconclusive matches:


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