There are joke profiles.... but then there is Homu Homu...and Mamiru. Mamiru was a anti-Homu Homu made to defeat Homu homu and keep Madoka a virgin waifu for the fans.

Powers And Stats

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Tier: 0 | Memetic | Memetic+

Names: Headless Horseman, Anti-Homu Homu, Sempai

Origin: Peverted Magi Madoka Magica

Gender: Female, usually a futa though

Classification: Magical Pervert, Superior TTGL, Classy B***h, Ultimate C***blocker,

Powers And Abilities: Everything, however, even those immune to mind manipulation can have increased horniess.

Attack Potency: True Infinity | Memetic (With Madoka's panties she becomes like Goddess Madafaka in terms of power) | Memetic+ (Strong enough to steal Madoka's panties from Homu Homu, HER HAIR DRILLS WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS!!)

Speed: Slow enough to come second but fast enough beat anyone in a reaction speed race (Very innapropiate fan-fics usually involving Moemura and Madoka in a threesome)

Durability: Memetic | Memetic+ | Low Beyond Joke Characters and Fan-Fic All together (Can stand several of Devil Homura's attacks)

Stamina: Can keep up with Homu Homu

Lifting Strength: Deez Nuts (Are really heavy)

Striking Strength: Class Eternity (Constantly has to fight Homu Homu who has wanked for Eternity)

Range: Multiversal (Was stalking both Homu Homu's and Madoka's panties at the same time outside of space and time)

Standard Equpiment: Madoka's Panties, Not her head, Her Pervy bewbs

Intelligence: Knows how naughty you've been, doesn't have a head, with head she is beyond omniscient.

Weaknesses: Giant snakes that eat heads, always goes head first

Key: Mamiru Without Madoka's Panties | Madoka's Panties | With Head


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Those Eyes though


Actual Product



Notable Victories: 



-Every other website's characters

Notable Losses: 

-Homu Homu



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